Apologetics Events

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Center for Apologetics and Worldviews


September 26: The Christian Church amid Seismic Shifts

  • “COVID-19 and Disembodied Humanity” and “COVID-19, Power Politics & the Death of Education” (Dr. Gene Edward Veith)
  • “The Transgenderism Incursion: What to Think, How to Love” (Dr. Paul Wendland)
  • “Preparing Our Young People for the University” (Dr. A. Andrew Das)
  • “The Distinction between Rendering to Caesar and Resisting Tyranny” (Dr. Ryan MacPherson)
  • “All Christians Are One Body in Christ” (Missionary Karim Yaghleji)


June 27: Making the Case for the Truth of the Bible: Bringing Jesus to My Unbelieving Neighbor

  • “When Your Neighbor Doesn’t Believe in Truth—Combining Apologetics and Evangelism” (Pastor David Thompson)
  • “Is the Old Testament Reliable? The Evidence Within the Text” (Dr. Ryan MacPherson)
  • “Is the Old Testament Reliable? The Evidence Beyond Text” (Prof. Allen Quist)
  • “How to Make the Case for the Truth of the New Testament” (Dr. Michael Berg)


June 21: A Reliable and Defensible Christianity for Today’s World: Equipping Christians to Defend and Share the Gospel (cosponsor: Bethany Institute for Biblical and Ecclesiastical Languages)

  • “The Development of Ancient Writing Systems and the Biblical Text” (Pastor Joseph Abrahamson)
  • “Issues of Chronology in the Early Old Testament” (Pastor Steven Sparley)
  • “What’s Worldview Got to Do with Everything?” (Dr. Ryan MacPherson)
  • “Why Is Apologetics Lutheran?” (Prof. Allen Quist)
  • “How a False Worldview Has Eroded Biblical Inerrancy within Churches” (John Eidsmoe)