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CMHC Tuition and Financial Aid

Our graduate admissions team is working on tuition and financial aid information for the upcoming school year. Information will be posted in mid-February. If you need assistance before this time, we are eager to answer your questions. Call 507-344-7302 or contact us at GradSchool@blc.edu.

Cost for 2021 - 2022
  • $550 per credit, program includes 60 credits
  • $150 deposit is applied to tuition
  • No application fee.

The two fall and one spring residential experiences of four days each include complimentary lunch and other on-campus experiences. Students cover hotel costs through preferred college partners as applicable. 

A full time student includes anyone taking 6 credits or more and the typical load for a full time student is 12 credits.   

A Department of Education Federal Loan is likely available to help ease the payment schedule. Graduate students may be eligible for this Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, in an amount up to $20,500 per year.