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The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary has been produced, in part, by gifts given

in honor of or in memory of

the following individuals and institutions:


Rev. Theodore A. Aaberg

Herman and Evelyn Anderson

Joey and Trisha Anderson

Oscar A. and Betsy Anderson

Margaret Annexstad

Prof. Bruce Backer

Rev. and Mrs. Harry Bartels

Rev. and Mrs. Timothy Bartels and family

Rev. and Mrs. Mark Bartels and family

Mrs. Maureen Bartz

Sarah, Rachel, Ruth, Naomi, and Luther Bell

Mary and Silas Born

Christ and Julia Bredeson

Dr. Walter Buszin

Adeline Bertine Chervestad

Dorothy B. Coderre

Harold Loyd Cummings, Jr.

Elmer and Margaret Dahle

John H. and Carey Dale

Oscar and Bertha Daley

Adolph Adam Dalke

Rudolph Dehli

Mrs. Jeanette Dorr

Mrs. Ruth Deglmann

Leslie H. Enter

Victor Arana Espinoza

Ole P. and Adeline Enersin Farness and Family

Nels and Camilla Faugstad

Rev. Prof. and Mrs. Christopher Urdahl Faye

Clifford Ferkenstad

Martha Fligge

Victor Ford

Dr. Alfred Fremder

Laura Rae and Bethany Joy Garbers

Gustav Germolus

Lawrence Glasheen

Kristina Grande

Buford Gross

Virginia Guetzlaff

Rev. Gottfred F. Guldberg

Rev. George Andrew and Minnie Gullixson

Bennett and Martha Hanson

Gladys O. Hanson

James Hanson

Knute G. Hanson

Rev. Adolph M. Harstad

Mabel O. Haugen

Ilse Hedlund, Kevin A. Nixon, and Karen M. Stephens

Paul and Viola Helland

George Henning

Mr. and Mrs. Nels Hoel

Emily and Jacob Holtz

Alice and Beatrice Hook

Stanley A. Ingebretson

Gladys and Iler Iverson

Rasmus J. and Louise R. Iverson

Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Jenson

Alvin Johnson

Carl G. and Norman Johnson

Rev. Iver Johnson

Matthew M. Johnson

Rebecca J. Knickmeier

Caroline S. Knickmeier

Kelly C. Knickmeier

Harriet Eleanor Knudtson

Herbert and Luella Knudtson

Albert and Aleda Knutson

A. J. Kuehn

Leona B. Kuster

Wallace LaGesse

Ernest W. Larsen

Donna Joan Larson

Heather Joy Lawson

Robert A. Lawson, Jr.

Rev. Robert A. Lawson

Mrs. Sherri Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Emmert Leiran

Albin and Hannah Leverson

Ingvald L. and Adella M. Levorson

Wilbur and Jacie Lieske

Jesse and Margaret Loberg

William F. Luedtke

Kristin, Karyn, and Ryan Lussky

Prof. and Mrs. J. B. Madson

Rev. and Mrs. Norman A. Madson, Sr.

Laura E. Marzolf

The Matthewman family

Lewis G. and Signe R. Mellem

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Molnau

Alvin, David, Arthur, Elsa Natvig

Herman, Gunda, and Gertrude Natvig

Orlando Natvig

Susan E. Anderson Natvig

Valborg Natvig

Rev. and Mrs. G. P. Nesseth

Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Nickerson

Effie Nerison

Bennett and Helen Olmanson

Esther Tjernagel Olsen

Harry S. Olson

Laura C. Olson

Orvis G. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. George Orvick, Sr.

Rev. and Mrs. George M. Orvick

Prof. M. H. Otto

Harold and Laverne Patten

Violet S. Peter

Rev. Justin A. and Nettie C. Petersen

Lana Hoyord Petersen

Emil and Evelyn Peterson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Preus

Haakon and Betsey Quamme

Diane M. Quist

Mr. Orville Quist

Norma Rein

Emil and Alice Reinholtz

Rev. Richard Resch

Prof. Daniel Reuning

Nancy Reyerson

Gladys Roberson

Parnell Roberson

Severt and Henrietta Roberson

Clarence and Cora Rodning

Jonas and Olive Roe

Palmer and Ella Roe

Reuben Rosenbrook

Benjamin Ruppel

Arthur Schartel

Marion Schneider

Ingrid Elizabeth Settje

J. R. Seime

Karl J. Seime

Vivian E. Solli

Harold and Thelma Sorenson

Josh Owen Sparby

Riley Gene Sparby

David Andrew, Julaine Christine, Laura Noelle,

Kirsten Anastasia, and Michaela Daniela Sparley

Rev. Steven Sparley

Fred and Martha Steensland

Albert J. Stein

Lehart Stock

Reuben Stock

Elmer O. Storby

Richard A. Storby

Thomas and Erna Strackbein

Ruth Strohschein

Erling T. Teigen (student of theology, d. 1930)

Rev. Martin and Matilda Wollan Teigen

Rev. Torald and Olivia Teigen

Rev. H. M. and Anna Brue Tjernagel

Mr. and Mrs. Martin O. Tjernagel

Rev. Neelak Tjernagel

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Tjernagel

Arthur and Myrtie Tollefson

Merton and Charles Tollefson

Rev. E. G. Unseth

Rev. J. B. Unseth

Gladys and Harris Vaala

Theodore, Hanna, and Orin Vaala

Erling and Elsie Vinje

Rev. Hugo and Martha Warnke

John Waterman

Connie Cochran Wendel

Laura Wendland

Traci, Terri, and Tammi Wiederhoeft

Rev. John R. Wilde

Barbara Joan Willert and Jerry Furness

Arthur S. Wold

Mrs. Donna Wold


1995 Confirmation Class, Bethany Lutheran Church,

Port Orchard, WA

Bethany Lutheran Church, Esther Circle, Luverne, MN

Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, MN

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, Clara City, MN

First American Lutheran Church, Mayville, ND

First English Lutheran Church, Spring Valley, MN

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bloomer, WI

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Brownsburg, IN

Good Shepherd Lutheran Sunday School, Richardson, TX

Nazareth Lutheran Church, Trail, MN

Norseland Lutheran Church, Norseland, MN

Norwegian Grove Lutheran Church, Gaylord, MN

The Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Amherst Junction, WI

Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Waterloo, IA

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