Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (ELH)

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Informal Introduction


Rite Three -- an introduction


Authors and Sources


Composers and Sources




Psalm Paraphrases (incomplete listing)

Translated Hymns

Scripture Quotations, Prayers, and Poems

First Lines of Hymns


Church Year Calendar

The Augsburg Confession     .rtf     .doc

The Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed (older forms)

The Athanasian Creed (pointed to be sung)

The Small Catechism (ELS translation)     .rtf     .doc

Prayers for Worship

The Divine Service: Rite One; Based on a revision of the Danish Norwegian Rite of 1685

The Divine Service: Rite Two; Based on the Common Service of American Lutheranism

The Divine Service: Rite Three; The Historic Lutheran Rite in contemporary English with new music composed by Dr. Alfred Fremder

The Divine Service: Rite Four; An outline for the Lutheran "Chorale Mass"

The Office of Prime

The Office of Matins

The Office of Vespers

The Office of Compline

The Service of Private Confession and Absolution

The Service of Corporate Confession and Absolution

Holy Baptism

The Litany

The Suffrages

Seasonal Graduals and Introits for the Sundays and Festivals of the Church Year

Collects for the Church Year

Daily and Weekly Private Prayers

Prayers for the Sick and the Dying

Psalms, pointed to be sung

Tables of Psalms for the Church Year and the Monthly Psalter

Canticles, pointed to be sung

Lectionary Tables (ILCW 3 year, revised)

Lectionary Tables (Historic)

Glossary of Liturgical Terms

602 Hymns arranged according to the Sundays and Seasons of the Church Year, with a secondary arrangement according to the topics and themes of the Sundays and Seasons of the Church Year.

Indexes and Acknowledgements (Table of Honors and Memorials)


Authors and Sources of Hymns

Translators of Hymns

Composers and Sources of Tunes

Settings of Hymns

Tune Names--Alphabetical

Tunes Names--Metrical

Psalm Paraphrases (incomplete listing)

Translated Hymns (original titles)

Scripture Quotations, Prayers, and Poems

First Lines of Hymns

Emergency Baptism

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