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Copyright and other information:

Most of the articles are from Library of Christian Hymns by John Dahle, a resource book on the Lutheran Hymnary (1913) and from Handbook to The Lutheran Hymnal (1942) which accompanied The Lutheran Hymnal (1941). We have placed the articles one after the other, without any editing or consolidation.
Our information tells us that these books are both in the public domain
. However, the arrangement of the material in these pages is copyright by the ELS worship committee. Please feel free to copy and distribute public domain material from these pages for non-profit, non-commercial use.
A few short articles have been taken from other sources, indicating their copyright. They are here under the fair use provision for copyrighted material. If we have inadvertently posted your copyrighted material, please contact us and it will be removed .

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List of Suggested Chief Hymns   Chief Hymns

Scripture Index of Hymns These pages are functional and compact, not necessarily elegant.
These indices are not complete, but we hope they are useful for parish pastors, musicians, and others.

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Catechism Hymns – Hymns based on the chief parts of the Catechism


This is a draft version. Please feel free to contact us concerning errors or to provide missing information.
Much of the material, but not everything, has been revised to correspond to ELH
. Please compare the printed edition for numbering and hymn texts used.

We do NOT guarantee the complete accuracy of these pages in any way. Many have been scanned and are subject to such errors.


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