which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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Jesus' Hymn of Praise
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 O ye highest heavens, listen,
Hear the angels' anthem swell!
People without number, listen,
All who on the earth do dwell!
Listen, all who now can hear;
Every heart and mind, draw near;
All with breath and life, draw near Him,
Now prepare yourselves to hear Him.
2 Jesus, O our Jesus, singeth!
More than angels' joyous mirth!
Every angel voice now ceaseth!
Jesus' voice must now be heard!
Heaven joins in harmony
With the blessed melody;
Jesus' voice and heart are crying,
Ere He faces death and sighing.
3 God's Apostles 'round Him standing!
What joy in their hearts is found!
With the light of understanding,
When the hymn from Jesus sounds
Hallelujah, strong and free:
Praising God for liberty
From Egyptian yoke and sadness
And for Canaan's joy and gladness.
4 But, O sweetest Bard of heaven,
Well hast Thou raised up Thy song,
For all earthly captives giving
Thanks to God for comfort strong:
That they now God's kingdom see,
Enter as His children free,
By Thy capture, death, and sorrow
And Thy blood shed on the morrow.
5 Sweetest heavenly tunes are playing
Still upon Thy tongue so dear!
Thou who for earth's sins art paying
Singest yet while death is near.
Adam, once from Eden banned,
Fled before God's angry hand,
Thou again with hymns hast broken
Satan's rule and pardon spoken.
6 When Thy hymn is just beginning
And Thy soul for joy doth speak,
Sweetest Jesus, Thou art winning
Solace for my faith so weak,
That when I at last shall see
My own death and misery,
I shall, calmly to Thee clinging,
Banish fears of death with singing.
7 My weak heart, join in with gladness;
Join with tongue and soul and mind,
While I sing of Thy deep sadness-
Tune me with Thine own dear hand,
That Thy death may ever be
What my soul hums joyfully
That when death for me is calling,
Thy sweet death I am recalling.
8 Sing, my soul, and let them hear thee!
Ne'er forget those pious tears!
Jesus' spirit yet shall cheer thee,
Though the song tell Adam's fears!
Sing still more of Jesus' pain
Of His cross, His bloody stain,
Sing and trust, and e'er remember,
Singing, thou shalt heaven enter.

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