which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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The Sleeping Disciples
1 Sleeping now, how can ye slumber?
O ye watchmen of the soul!
Sleeping still, all three in number?
Where is now your faith so bold?
Can ye time for sleeping find
While God's Son in soul and mind
Sore is pressed and harshly driven
As a wretch to death's dark prison?
2 Can ye not e'en watch one hour?
Jesus says, and He is right,
That security's ripe power
Blinds the soul and dulls the sight.
Is your heart so closed to Me
And your slumber so carefree
While all innocent I languish
With all pain and woe and anguish?
3 In My great affliction, breaking
Into bloody sweat and care,
Never from your slumber waking
Still of Me all unaware.
No one thinks of My great need;
No one pities death's dark deed;
No one wipes my moistened forehead,
Though it were ten times as horrid.
4 I alone with burden bending,
I alone abandoned fight.
I alone, with heart now rending,
Enter now the cruel night!
See, My Father silent now
He forsakes Me here and now!
No one in the world is sharing
All the sorrow I am bearing.
5 Oh! How can you still now slumber,
Oversleeping all My woe?
Were you blind and dumb to lumber,
Could you nothing hear and know?
While upon the mount stood,
Fear struck deep into your blood,
But it was for heaven's wonder
That you saw Me dressed in splendor.
6 But now death with terror growing
Steals across My tearful eyes,
Now My blood on earth is flowing
Now My soul is filled with sighs,
Now will no one with me stand?
Now will no one lend a hand?
No one will disturb his sleeping,
While I bear all pain and weeping.
7 Peter, full of promise, Peter,
Where are now your words so bold?
Sleeping while I sorrow meet here
In My mind and in My soul.
Satan asked to torment thee
While I prayed so earnestly.
While in dangerous seas I'm sailing,
Your life from all danger veiling.
8 How will My life find expressing
In your deep "forgetting" book?
Now My Father Me is pressing
Under death's most woeful yoke.
This your heart must testify,
As the world now passes by,
How true friends their help are lending
In your need, when fortune ending.
9 Had you known then danger's worry,
Had you known the need so great,
Had you only seen before you,
Snares of death which for you wait-
O how could I let you see
Dangers that await you three,
Praying God to grant you favor
In temptation ne'er to waver.
10 For then Judas, My betrayer
Who had sold Me shamefully
Stood there ready to draw nearer
Quickly to deliver Me
He in spirit now was glad!
While I did My lifeblood shed-
E'en for him and all to suffer,
Once for all My life to offer.
11 O my Jesus, how I grieve me
And bewail most heartily
That my confidence deceives me
And so oft has blinded me
When I ever think of Thee
And Thy blood and wounds for me,
Still hell's dragon would o'ertake me
And with love of sin retake me.
12 These disciples should have heeded
Three times only to Thy call
But ten thousand times I've needed
Thy strong warning more than all!
I lie here so blind and cold,
Sleeping deep in passions old
Ne'er to wake and hear and greet Thee
When Thy Spirit comes to meet me.
13 Wake me now and let me never
Into death's dread sleep retreat
All my selfish bonds then sever
Friend of souls, O Jesus sweet.
Let my eye look steadfastly
On Thy pain and woe for me;
Let me in the dark of dying
Only be on Thee relying.

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