which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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The Path of Understanding -- The Development of Lectionaries and their use in the Lutheran Church (by the Rev. Alexander Ring)

Jesus is led bound to the house of Annas and Caiaphas
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 Long has Satan long been spinning
Bonds to wrap 'round Jesus' hands!
Forcefully would sin be pinning
Our dear Lord with hellish bands!
Heaven itself is bound in chains!
God's own Son will suffer pains!
Now a captive He is counted
With disgrace and shame surrounded.
2 See how He were from them slipping
If He went not willingly
Angry hands with cruelty gripping,
Prodding, howling mockingly
Each is full of vengeful harm
Fearing yet for great alarm
As a Lamb, the wolves did catch Him
He must follow where they snatch Him.
3 Annas, scoundrel, was not sleeping,
Wide awake, when they did walk
In his house with Jesus creeping
As a Dove before the hawk
Then to Caiaphas they came
Where they brought more grief and shame;
Power and time for Him was taken,
All with evil hatred waken.
4 Though the sun was still in hiding,
Yet the Sun of righteousness,
Jesus, takes His stand beside them,
While they mock in wickedness,
Now true Light has entered in
Though their minds and hearts are dim,
Questions of His teaching taking,
All the while their jokes still making.
5 If He plainly spoke His doctrine
Even with all gentleness
In return would lies be spoken
Fists be clenched in vengefulness
Slaps upon His face they aim
No remorse and without shame
God must take these strikes and lashes
From a scoundrel, made from ashes.
6 Justice no one here is keeping
All true testimony blocked
Sympathy is soundly sleeping
Doors for mercy all are locked!
Wanton power alone awakes
Satan gladly torches takes
Aged priests look on approving
Hellish beasts, themselves but proving.
7 Now false witnesses are showing
Which of them can lie the best
Wicked ones, in number growing,
Sit in judgement with the rest!
Jesus' face is spit upon
Hidden, smitten, listening on,
As He now should guess who hit Him
Who true justice has o'erridden.
8 Thus is ended this conspir'cy
Sentencing the Lord to die
Never dare He ask for mercy,
Hearing how the dogs do cry;
That He surely death had won,
Since He called Himself God's Son!
What He is, they think is scheming,
So they shout with loud blaspheming.
9 Dear God, teach me that I never
Bind my passions with the bands
Which the wicked unbelievers
Placed upon Thy heavenly hands,
And when Satan comes to me
With his wiles deceitfully,
Come to me in heart and spirit
To recall Thy bonds and merit.
10 If for truth's sake they now take me,
If I'm treated scornfully,
If they still with tongues forsake me,
If they beat me mockingly,
Let me still believing see
All the scorn Thou bor'st for me
Insult, shame, and wicked mock'ry
For my everlasting glory.
11 Even if the whole world hate me
Fitting me with heavy yoke
Show me then Thy work to save me
All Thy suff'ring in Thy book
That with faith I learn to see
How with lies they harassed Thee
Fie, then all who speak with evil
Fie, then all who serve the devil!
12 Though they still with death may threaten
Heaping me with sore disgrace
Let me see, -my soul enlighten-
All the patience on Thy face,
When the judgement came on Thee,
And Thou hadst no way to flee;
So may all Thy pain and sighing
Calm me in my fear of dying.

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