which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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Peter's Fall
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1 There's no honour and no highness,
No perfection can there be,
Where the sun with light doth witness,-
That can promise certainty,
There's no office and no call
Which can keep us from sin's fall
There is nothing, oh so holy,
Which can keep us from sin wholly.
2 No one dare in mind be saying
That he never stumble can
For the thoughts his heart are swaying,
Disappointed, sinful man.
All presumption must be banned
Even if today he stand
For tomorrow he may stumble
All unhappy and made humble.
3 Greatest saint must also live in
Adam's flesh and sin's array;
Even highest gifts of heaven
He must bear in mortal clay.
Come and see how Peter fails
Nought his faithful pledge avails
All his promises negating
Into smoke and vapor fading.
4 Jesus stands in great dishonor,
Bound and beaten, spit upon,
Shame and scandal, and no honor
From the wicked powers anon!
Peter soon forgets His need
Fearing his own death indeed;
Leaves the Prince of Life, his Savior,
Promise broken, faith doth waver!
5 By the fire he stands and trembles,
Trying just to keep him warm
But God's lovingkindness crumbles
In his heart and breast and arm.
Questioned by the lowly maid
If he knew the Man betrayed,
Three times he denied to know Him
Even with an oath disowned Him.
6 Soon the rooster crows, announcing
Passing night and coming dawn.
Peter still knows not his sinning
On the path too far he's gone.
Swearing, cursing, oaths he makes
Jesus' friendship he forsakes
Even as he doth disown him,
Jesus casts His eyes upon him.
7 Are you now the rock, dear Peter,
That God's Church is built upon?
How then can you slip and teeter
And in storm not better stand?
No! The Rock is Jesus Christ
And His Word of Paradise.
He stands fast and unconfounded;
On His Word God's Church is founded.
8 There's no sadness and no sorrow
That can hinder Jesus' goal
With Thine eyes a glance must borrow
Of this wretched fallen soul.
How Thy countenance did fall
As Thou knew his heart-thoughts all.
Oh, what guilt on him is sinking
On Thy faithful Word he's thinking.
9 O my Jesus, when I ponder
On the beam within my eye
And my conscience too doth wonder
On the thorns that in me lie!
Then my heart doth speak to me
That I thousand times have Thee
Oft denied so sad and shameful
More than Peter I am blameful.
10 Three times Thy dear friend denied Thee
And his heart, betrayed Thee, Lord.
Many times I've multiplied me
Sins against Thy Law and Word
Never can they numbered be
More than stars and sands of sea;
All my heart and sight and thinking
Must in shame to earth be sinking.
11 All too well for sin I'm yearning
Like a stubborn horse in stride;
Oh, from sin I would be turning,
But I'm bound in sinful pride.
So, Lord, turn Thyself to me
Grant me grace that I may be
By Thy watchful eye e'er guarded
With Thy light of grace rewarded.
12 Peter fell and was uplifted
By the power of Thy grace
O my Jesus, Thou hast lifted
All the weight of my disgrace!
Thou wilt ne'er abandon me
E'er how great my sin may be
Teach me such repentant weeping,
Let Thy Spirit me be keeping.

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