which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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St. Peter's Weeping and Conversion
tune: previous tune
1 Pouring forth with tears of sadness
Flowing down in hope sincere
Never judged to Satan's gladness,
Here in this sad vale of tears.
Sadly, weeping from my eyes
From sin's debt my spirit flies
For my sinfulness still grieving
Till my heart itself is bleeding.
2 Oh, tonight with guilt I'm given
Threat of hell as my reward
Since by terror I was driven
To deny my God and Lord!
But my Saviour looked at me,
Eyes all filled with sympathy;
Full of mercy, grace, and favor
Was that glance from my dear Savior.
3 Once to hell-fire I was falling
Now I rush with quenching flood
By my God's most gracious calling
And His mighty Spirit good-
Though my eyes with sorrow fill,
Never, never ceasing still
Yet each day that I am living
Still for one night's sin I'm grieving.
4 Once I walked upon the water
And thus to my Jesus came;
Now my sins did all things alter,
Still I call upon His name.
On a salty sea of tears
I shall walk till death me nears
All my joy and all my gladness
Shall be my repentant sadness.
5 Jesus, grant illumination,
On my heart imprint so well
Peter's fall and restoration
That I ever mark them well.
May Thy gracious pardoning Word
Never by my sins be blurred;
May Thy grace be e'er revealing
Full forgiveness, perfect healing.
6 Though I wretchedly am sinning
Such as never seen before,
And though Satan is beginning
Still to tempt me more and more,
I will turn to Christ, my Lord
For His strength and pardoning Word;
E'en when Satan's wiles do test me,
In His grace I gladly rest me.
7 Daily is my spirit striving
In this unclean 'bode of death
Therefore I will e'er be striving
That I may in steadfast faith
Follow Peter's faithful end
Washed, renewed, in faith to stand
That I may my soul be cleansing
In the blood of Jesus rinsing.
8 Jesus, grant me tears and sighing,
Penitence for my disgrace.
Let Thy Spirit, my heart plying
With the mirror of Thy grace,
Grant me comfort for my need,
Since Thou once for me didst bleed.
Let my final tears and mourning
Cease with heaven's joyous morning.

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