which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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Jesus in Pilate's Judgement Hall
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1 Jesus, Judge of every nation,
Under Pilate's judgement came,
Under Jewish condemnation
Full of mockery and shame!
To the heathen judge He came
Who knew not God's Law and name;
To his power Himself to offer
And injustice He will suffer.
2 Hypocrites, you rabble daring,
Enter not the judgement hall
From uncleanness yourselves sparing
Yet it helps you not at all.
For you tread in blasphemy
Murder, lies, and sins many
Soul and heart are deeper sinking,
Evil toward your God now thinking.
3 Thou, who all the earth art shaking,
From whose face the lightning goes
Earthly princes quickly breaking
Like a potsherd that one throws.
As a man of sin, O Christ,
Stricken, smitten, and despised,
Now abused Thou standest taking
As a Lamb, our ransom making.
4 Although Pilate still was never
In his soul so hardened through,
Yet for judgement's honour ever
He now asks for justice true
What the accusation be
That they bring for him to see
In this Captive now before them
Why they wretchedly deplore Him.
5 With their poison lungs, all blameful,
Breathing through a lying mouth
And with serpent tongues, so shameful,
Mocking God and every truth;
What they speak goes on and on
As a wall to build upon,
Yet no fault can they be plying
On the Righteous without lying.
6 Hate and blasphemy and lying
Anything that ever can
From their mouths with hate be flying
All against true God and Man,
That He leads them all astray,
Telling them no tax to pay
And Himself a King He's calling
Which to them is more appalling.
7 Jesus now is asked with venom
Of His kingdom and His crown
But He answers that His kingdom
From eternity is found!
Truth, which they must ever hate,
And the whole world doth berate,
Yet He boldly will declare it,
Although Satan cannot bear it.
8 Even Pilate, all things judging,
Him not guilty must declare,
While they endlessly are bringing
Blasphemy that He must bear;
But by Jewish law they can
Never slay this guiltless Man,
So they must with Him be taking
Accusations of their making.
9 Let the angry mob be making
Lies and slander as they will
Jesus yet no answer making
To their many words of ill;
And their lies are shameless all,
Evident to one and all
So He therefore will be silent
Waiting still for God's own judgement.
10 O Thou precious God and Savior,
O Thou sinless, spotless Lamb,
Evil foes with cruel behaviour
Heap Thee all with scorn and shame
They accuse Thee, tongues a-flail,
With the dragon's wicked tail,
Thou art beaten, scourged, and punished
With betrayal and injustice.
11 Oh, how I must e'er be mournful
That I am so full of sin,
When my enemies all scornful
Seek my wandering soul to win,
With their lies and shame and fear;
But Thou art my Saviour dear,
Taking all my sins upon Thee,
All the shame my sin had brought me.
12 Source of faithfulness, all willing,
Now in Pilate's judgement hall,
All Thy saving work fulfilling,
For Thy silence covers all;
All our sin and evil lust
Which on Thee alone were thrust
All Thou willingly did suffer
Innocent, Thyself to offer.
13 And when death I shall be meeting
In God's judgement I shall know
That Thou art for me still pleading,
All Thy innocence, bestow;
Speak for me, for I have found
Full salvation in Thy wounds
So that after earthly sadness
I may know my God in gladness.

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