which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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The Path of Understanding -- The Development of Lectionaries and their use in the Lutheran Church (by the Rev. Alexander Ring)

Behold the Man!
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 See how swiftly Pilate stumbles
From the truth to bitterness
Yet he tries with ways so humble
For a little righteousness.
For he leads our Jesus out
Blood still streaming all about
Crowned with thorns and badly beaten
Yet to move the Jews to free Him.
2 Now behold the Man presented
Here before your very eyes.
See the Man your pride resented;
See Him, wretched and despised!
See His heart so full of woe
From His head down to His toe,
Hardly any flesh perceiving-
Who cannot for Him be grieving?
3 See the earth where He doth stumble
How it flows with His dear blood
God's own Son, so weak and humble,
Passing reason, right and good.
Why is He a captive now?
Why must He so lowly bow?
Show me now and tell the story:
Can this be the King of glory?
4 See if any worm can ever
Be unhappy more than He!
See if earth itself can ever
Boast a wondrous Man as He!
See if even hearts of stone
Can ignore His plaintive moan!
See if now His woeful wailing
Does not bring your heart to failing!
5 See the thorns, how sore they break Him!
See the blood from Him doth pour!
See the tears His eyes are making!
See Him beaten deep and sore!
See how full of pain He stands,
Beaten by their wretched hands!
See Him full of pain to crumble!
Pity this poor wretch so humble!
6 See His cheeks so pale are blending
See His deepest heartfelt strife
See Him to the ground, low-bending
See Him struggle for His life,
Holding on as best He can
Though uncertain is His stand!
I'd do all, if it would please Him,
From death's snare I would release Him.
7 No one shows Him any pity
No one here is Jesus' friend
And the people shouted "Guilty"
Calling now for Caesar's hand
Shouting loud that Pilate must
Sentence to their hands entrust
Giving falsely for their reason:
Blasphemy and highest treason.
8 Watch, my soul, beware their lying,
If you any time may know.
Look on Jesus' woeful sighing
See His bitter pain and woe
See how hard on Him they press
There's no form or comeliness
That we know now to receive Him
While death's grip will not relieve Him.
9 All that I now see and witness
Comes from my own bitter root
And the sin-filled grapes that drip this
Dreadful poison in His blood
Drip upon my Jesus, lo,
Cover Him from head to toe
While His lifeblood He is bleeding
Wrathful wine press He is treading.
10 Thee so full of woe I witness
Full of earthly sin and shame
Hammered by God's holy vengeance
O Thou pure, unspotted Lamb.
Pierced and beaten Thou dost bleed,
Bearing every care and need,
All the pains of hell Thou bearest
Which my sinful heart did merit.
11 But, because for me Thou darest,
Such a shameful curse to bear
So, my God, in grace, Thou swearest
I with joy shall see Thee there!
Here I see Thy suffering sore
There I'll praise Thee evermore
By Thy Spirit's gracious guiding
In eternal joy abiding.

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