which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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Jesus Condemned to be Crucified
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1 Staff of justice now is broken
Mercy now has grown so cold
Righteousness no one has spoken
Innocence bears cruelty bold.
Lies are clothed in truthful coat
Truth into the ground is trod.
While injustice swift is creeping,
Even stones o'er this are weeping.
2 Right and wrong get equal honour;
Both considered just the same.
Jesus' trial holds no honour,
No true justice, only shame!
And the people shout and jeer
Without shame and without fear;
Justice they have all forsaken;
Jesus to the cross is taken.
3 Never under all of heaven,
All the firmament and sky,
Was there such a judgement given
Never truth made such a lie!
Yet no guilt or blame they show,
That He should His life forego,
To the cross of death they take Him,
Scapegoat for their guilt they make Him.
4 Hear the judgement now and listen:
Jesus is to death condemned!
Hellish snake with joy doth glisten
As God's heart-strings sadly rend.
Now the dreadful woe and need
Now the bitter cross indeed
Now for Him there's no relieving
How His soul with sorrow's grieving.
5 Pilate now himself excusing
Washes hands in water bath
Jesus he is not accusing
So he thinks he's free from wrath.
Yet the guilt of Jesus' blood
Can't be washed in such a flood
His clean hands are empty token;
For God's judgement still is spoken.
6 And the Jews were never frightened
Jesus' death bore them no guilt
Fears of conscience ne'er were heightened
That His blood in pools be spilt.
So for death they shout and call,
Let His vengeance on them fall
And upon their future offspring
For they knew what they were doing.
7 Now with sorrow I am falling
At my precious Jesus' feet.
I repent my sins appalling
For which Jesus death did meet;
I must bear the awful blame
For the harshness of His shame
If I could, I'd bear the torment
Of His wrongful, bitter judgement.
8 O my God, I can't be hiding;
Without number are my sins.
Yet with Thee I'll be abiding
Judgement house and hall within!
All my sins brought Thee distress;
Thee to judgement they do press!
When I see Thy sore oppression,
I see marks of my transgression.
9 Sinful hands of mine naught washes
No excuse I find for me
But I bathe myself in ashes
Weeping, praying heartily:
Dearest Jesus, that Thou wilt
Think not on my sin and guilt;
Blot them out now by Thy dying,
On Thy grace I am relying.
10 Thou art without guilt and sinning
Yet for me to death to go
Even unto death all willing
Faithful, all for me to do.
At God's judgement throne I may
All my refuge in Thee lay
For Thy judgement's my salvation,
Saving me from condemnation.

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