which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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After the Sermon
On the Seven Words Jesus Spoke on the Cross
tune: Jesu søde Hukommelse
1 Come under Jesus' cross to stand,
O dearest soul, and now attend,
Hear Jesus' final words so sweet,
As He His final hour doth meet.
2 Upon the cross my Jesus lay
Despite the dragon's devious way,
The voice of grace resounded clear
With life and comfort us to cheer.
3 First for His enemies He says:
Father, forgive them in Thy grace
They know not what they do today,
So blind are they to sin's dark way.
4 O Jesus, also pray for me
Thou seest how weak and frail I be
In all my ways my whole life long
But by Thy prayer I am made strong.
5 He looked upon His mother dear
All filled with sorrow, pain, and fear,
Pierced through, her very soul and life
With murder's sword and killing knife.
6 He gave to her another son
To soothe and comfort all her pain.
John, take her as thine own for me;
Henceforth thy mother now to be.
7 O Jesus, when I too am lost,
Forsaken, burdened by a cross,
Friendless, surrounded all by sin,
Send faithful friends to take me in.
8 The thief repented of his sin
And turned to Christ to take him in
Christ broke for him death's cruel ties:
Today you enter Paradise.
9 Let me then in my final hour
Receive from Jesus comfort's power
O daily let me mend my ways
And make me heaven's child always.
10 How horrible the fourth sad word!
Such grief hath heaven never heard:
My God, My God, oh why hast Thou
Forsaken Me, so needy now?
11 'Twas for my sin Thou suffered all,
And God's fierce wrath on Thee did fall.
That I forsaken ne'er shall be
When death's dark shadow falls on me.
12 God's anger with its burning flame
Consumed the vigor of His frame!
"I thirst," he said, and then received
The vinegar which sorely grieved.
13 With taste so bitter yet He saith:
Now "It is finished" with His death
All that the Scriptures testified
Is now complete when He has died.
14 So willingly Thou takest in
The sour and bitter taste of sin!
From Adam's sin I drank in first,
But Thou drank poison in Thy thirst.
15 Therefore I thirst deep in my heart
That Thou to me wouldst yet impart
Not bitter drink, but waters pure,
Which flow from Thee forevermore.
16 His final words then Jesus spoke
All filled with certainty and hope:
"Father, into Thy precious hand
My soul and spirit I commend."
17 These words the words my heart must find
Impressed upon my soul and mind;
These words may I repeat with mirth
At last when I depart this earth.

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