which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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Another General Passion Hymn
tune: Ich ruf zu dir
1 Redeemer of the world, O Christ,
Thou Prince of Life enchanting,
Like as the deer for waters thirsts
My soul for Thee is panting.
O Thou, the Father's only Son
Descended down from heaven
By love driven
To rescue Adam's own
That Satan might be overthrown.
2 Since I and all mankind once were
Cast deep into death's yawning
By Adam's sin in danger were
And Satan's cruel dawning
In fulness of the time Thou came
And born of Virgin Mary
For to bury
Our death and all our blame
And Satan's might to put to shame.
3 Thy Father's wrath and fearful ban
Naught else could e'er extinguish
Except for Thee, true God and Man;
Our deed Thou didst accomplish
And for us hardship to endure
Thyself to death now giving
And be living,
A bloody offering for
The whole world's sin Thou dost outpour.
4 Thy precious blood atonement sends
The sin of all men sharing
For sin Thou makest full amends
Eternal death us sparing
Lest we remain impenitent
In sin rejecting Thy name
To our deep blame
And lose our home in heaven,
To blasphemy and sin e'er giv'n.
5 No longer earth doth pleasure me
Nor riches me are taking
Nor power nor height that I may see
At all my pleasure making
Compared to Jesus' mercy free
His precious cross and sighing
And His dying;
The world doth weary me
Gladly in heav'n I now would be.
6 And if my sins still more may be
Than sands upon the seashore
If Satan my affliction see
And every day tempt me more
In faith I trod him to the ground;
With Jesus' precious merit
I may bear it
In Him I grace have found
Which has no measure and no bound.
7 And shall I under God's good will
Still more than others carry
My burden of both pain and ill,
A cross to make me weary;
Thou for my soul true good dost earn,
For Thou my cross art bearing,
My stripes wearing,
That patience I may learn
And ever more for heaven yearn.
8 If I'm oppressed by many foes
And persecuted for Thee
Receiving many powerful blows
Yet it shall be my glory
So let them with their might and fear
Now persecute and slay me
Willing shall be
My heart when now appear
Before my eyes Thy pains severe.
9 When weakness over me doth flow
When sickness, pain, and sorrow
Shall grip me all from head to toe
Deep in my bone and marrow
Then comfort me with Thy dear power
To which my soul is cleaving
And receiving
Thy blood, a precious shower
To soothe my wounds in every hour.
10 And when at last in death I sleep
My eyes at last be resting
Then nothing in my final sleep
Shall me from faith be wresting
For by Thy death I bold may be
And on Thy faith relying
In my dying;
Then take my soul to Thee,
Thee I will praise eternally.

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