which can be used in the congregations during Lent

at the weekly service and on Days of Prayer

according to the custom of each place

[by Thomas Kingo]

[from the Gradual of 1699]

[Translation © Mark DeGarmeaux unless noted]

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Hører til I høye himle
Over Kedron Jesus træder
Sofver I? Hvor kand I sofve
Mørcket skiuler Jorderige
Længe hafver Satan spundet
Ingen høyhed ingen ære
Velder ud i øyne-strømme
Søde synd du vellyst-engel
Pengene som Judas slengte
Jesus som skal verden dømme
Til Herodes Jesus føres
See nu er Pilatus gangen
Vil dog himlen intet tale
Hvordan en pilatus hincked
Rettens spiir
Kommer i som vil ledsage
Bryder frem i hule sucke
Gack under Jesu kors at staa
O store Gud din Kierlighed
O Jesu verdens Frelsermand
Jesus' Hymn of Praise
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 O ye highest heavens, listen,
Hear the angels' anthem swell!
People without number, listen,
All who on the earth do dwell!
Listen, all who now can hear;
Every heart and mind, draw near;
All with breath and life, draw near Him,
Now prepare yourselves to hear Him.
2 Jesus, O our Jesus, singeth!
More than angels' joyous mirth!
Every angel voice now ceaseth!
Jesus' voice must now be heard!
Heaven joins in harmony
With the blessed melody;
Jesus' voice and heart are crying,
Ere He faces death and sighing.
3 God's Apostles 'round Him standing!
What joy in their hearts is found!
With the light of understanding,
When the hymn from Jesus sounds
Hallelujah, strong and free:
Praising God for liberty
From Egyptian yoke and sadness
And for Canaan's joy and gladness.
4 But, O sweetest Bard of heaven,
Well hast Thou raised up Thy song,
For all earthly captives giving
Thanks to God for comfort strong:
That they now God's kingdom see,
Enter as His children free,
By Thy capture, death, and sorrow
And Thy blood shed on the morrow.
5 Sweetest heavenly tunes are playing
Still upon Thy tongue so dear!
Thou who for earth's sins art paying
Singest yet while death is near.
Adam, once from Eden banned,
Fled before God's angry hand,
Thou again with hymns hast broken
Satan's rule and pardon spoken.
6 When Thy hymn is just beginning
And Thy soul for joy doth speak,
Sweetest Jesus, Thou art winning
Solace for my faith so weak,
That when I at last shall see
My own death and misery,
I shall, calmly to Thee clinging,
Banish fears of death with singing.
7 My weak heart, join in with gladness;
Join with tongue and soul and mind,
While I sing of Thy deep sadness-
Tune me with Thine own dear hand,
That Thy death may ever be
What my soul hums joyfully
That when death for me is calling,
Thy sweet death I am recalling.
8 Sing, my soul, and let them hear thee!
Ne'er forget those pious tears!
Jesus' spirit yet shall cheer thee,
Though the song tell Adam's fears!
Sing still more of Jesus' pain
Of His cross, His bloody stain,
Sing and trust, and e'er remember,
Singing, thou shalt heaven enter.
Jesus' Sweat in the Garden
Verses translated by J. Jeffrey, 1880
tune: previous tune
1 Over Kedron Jesus treadeth
To His passion for us all;
Every human eye be weeping,
Tears of bitter grief let fall!
Round His spirit flock the foes,
Place their shafts and bend their bows,
Aiming at the Saviour solely,
While the world forsakes Him wholly.
2 David once, with heart afflicted,
Crossed the Kedron's narrow strand,
Clouds of gloom and grief about him
When an exile from his land.
But, O Jesus, blacker now
Bends the cloud above Thy brow,
Hasting to death's dreary portals
For the shame and sin of mortals.
3 Wilt Thou in Thy pain and ruing
To the Mount of Olives go?
Yet there is no tree for viewing
Where the fruits of peace may grow;
War and battle, bitter pain,
Death and mockery and shame
Every bud shoots forth with sorrow
Jesus now no peace can borrow.
4 Enter now the restful garden
As a peaceful quiet space,
Sorrow soon begins to darken,
Follow Thee in every place!
Come now, Adam, come and see
Enter blest Gethsemane!
See the Lord of heaven shaking
Hellish anguish for us taking.
5 All of Jesus' limbs are quaking
As sins' burden hard doth press
See the God-Man ever shaking
Death doth bring to life distress
Jesus' lifeblood forth doth pour
And His heart aches more and more
Shooting forth with blood-streams narrow
From ten thousand poisoned arrows.
6 See how, anguish-struck, He falleth
Prostrate, and with struggling breath,
Three times on His God He calleth,
Praying that the bitter death
And the cup of doom may go,
Still He cries, in all His woe:
"Not My will, but Thine, O Father!"
And the angels round Him gather.
7 See how, in that hour of darkness,
Battling with the evil power,
Agonies untold assail Him,
On His soul the arrows shower;
All the garden flowers are wet
With the drops of bloody sweat,
From His anguished frame distilling-
World's redemption thus fulfilling!
8 O ye heavéns, will ye give Him
Strength of heart, and that right soon?
To the end He hard has striven
Jesus dies! He dies so soon!
Holy angels, come and see
Strengthen Him for death to see!
How His cheeks are filled with pallor,
As He meets His death with valor.
9 See the blood so sadly dripping
With each drop of sweat so cold;
Death in every vein is seeping
And His face is dark as coal;
And the grass where Jesus prays
Now a bloody carpet stays
From His precious veins now offering,
See what pains He now is suffering!
10 Daily I am gladly yearning
E'er to go to Kedron's stream
And from earthly pleasure turning
In a penitential theme!
Daily in Gethsemane
With my spirit I shall see
Jesus' bleeding and His sighing
For my soul is all His dying.
11 Now, away with earthly pleasure!
Let me see my Jesus dear!
In Gethsemane, my Treasure,
I will gather me a tear
From His bloody sweat of pain
Which my righteousness did gain
Earth now gives me only sadness
Till I enter heaven's gladness.
12 But, O flowers, so sadly watered
By this pure and precious dew,
In some blessed hour your blossoms
'Neath the olive-shadows grew!
Eden's garden did not bear
Aught that can with you compare,
For the blood, thus freely given,
Makes my soul the heir of heaven.
13 When as flowers themselves I wither,
When I droop and fade like grass,
When the life-streams through my pulses
Dull and ever duller pass,
When at last they cease to roll,
Then, to cheer my sinking soul,
Grace of Jesus, be Thou given-
Source of triumph! pledge of heaven!
14 And now when my heart is breaking,
And my eye no longer sees,
When my tongue no sound is making,
Let my soul a droplet seize
Of Thy precious sweat and blood;
Wash my heart in that dear flood.
In the hour when I am dying,
On Thy Passion I'm relying.
The Sleeping Disciples
1 Sleeping now, how can ye slumber?
O ye watchmen of the soul!
Sleeping still, all three in number?
Where is now your faith so bold?
Can ye time for sleeping find
While God's Son in soul and mind
Sore is pressed and harshly driven
As a wretch to death's dark prison?
2 Can ye not e'en watch one hour?
Jesus says, and He is right,
That security's ripe power
Blinds the soul and dulls the sight.
Is your heart so closed to Me
And your slumber so carefree
While all innocent I languish
With all pain and woe and anguish?
3 In My great affliction, breaking
Into bloody sweat and care,
Never from your slumber waking
Still of Me all unaware.
No one thinks of My great need;
No one pities death's dark deed;
No one wipes my moistened forehead,
Though it were ten times as horrid.
4 I alone with burden bending,
I alone abandoned fight.
I alone, with heart now rending,
Enter now the cruel night!
See, My Father silent now
He forsakes Me here and now!
No one in the world is sharing
All the sorrow I am bearing.
5 Oh! How can you still now slumber,
Oversleeping all My woe?
Were you blind and dumb to lumber,
Could you nothing hear and know?
While upon the mount stood,
Fear struck deep into your blood,
But it was for heaven's wonder
That you saw Me dressed in splendor.
6 But now death with terror growing
Steals across My tearful eyes,
Now My blood on earth is flowing
Now My soul is filled with sighs,
Now will no one with me stand?
Now will no one lend a hand?
No one will disturb his sleeping,
While I bear all pain and weeping.
7 Peter, full of promise, Peter,
Where are now your words so bold?
Sleeping while I sorrow meet here
In My mind and in My soul.
Satan asked to torment thee
While I prayed so earnestly.
While in dangerous seas I'm sailing,
Your life from all danger veiling.
8 How will My life find expressing
In your deep "forgetting" book?
Now My Father Me is pressing
Under death's most woeful yoke.
This your heart must testify,
As the world now passes by,
How true friends their help are lending
In your need, when fortune ending.
9 Had you known then danger's worry,
Had you known the need so great,
Had you only seen before you,
Snares of death which for you wait-
O how could I let you see
Dangers that await you three,
Praying God to grant you favor
In temptation ne'er to waver.
10 For then Judas, My betrayer
Who had sold Me shamefully
Stood there ready to draw nearer
Quickly to deliver Me
He in spirit now was glad!
While I did My lifeblood shed-
E'en for him and all to suffer,
Once for all My life to offer.
11 O my Jesus, how I grieve me
And bewail most heartily
That my confidence deceives me
And so oft has blinded me
When I ever think of Thee
And Thy blood and wounds for me,
Still hell's dragon would o'ertake me
And with love of sin retake me.
12 These disciples should have heeded
Three times only to Thy call
But ten thousand times I've needed
Thy strong warning more than all!
I lie here so blind and cold,
Sleeping deep in passions old
Ne'er to wake and hear and greet Thee
When Thy Spirit comes to meet me.
13 Wake me now and let me never
Into death's dread sleep retreat
All my selfish bonds then sever
Friend of souls, O Jesus sweet.
Let my eye look steadfastly
On Thy pain and woe for me;
Let me in the dark of dying
Only be on Thee relying.
The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 Darkness covers every nation,
Trial now is close at hand,
Darkness battles with the sunshine;
Jesus, taken by the band.
Such a night was ne'er before!
Heaven itself has barred the door!
Jesus, all our Light and Sunshine
Now doth bear the shame of nighttime.
2 Judas the Betrayer taketh
Darkness' weapon willingly
And in league with Satan maketh
All that in his heart did lie:
He the rabble gathered here
Bringing rogues and scoundrels near
They shall serve his wicked purpose
Even in the high priest's service.
3 Torch and lanterns now are burning
Straight from Satan's raging fire;
Spear and cudgel all are yearning
As they now are drunk with ire:
Yet no torch nor club nor spear
Captures Jesus even here
But a kiss, so dear in fashion
Now betrays Him to His passion.
4 Even now His word and speaking
Casts His foes all to the ground.
Death on every face is sneaking;
All in dreadful fear are bound!
Quickly His disciples flee,
Jesus all alone shall be,
Offéring his heart and spirit
To the pains of death I merit.
5 Jesus with that kiss is sorted
Judas, why then with a kiss?
With that kiss His life is shortened,
With that kiss the serpent's hiss
Strikes Him with a poison dart
Under smile's pretended art;
Now our Jesus' face is fallen
And His righteous hands are swollen.
6 Were it swords that we should take us,
Were our fight to earth but bound,
Then not only ear of Malchus,
Bloody falling to the ground-
But God's angels thousandfold
Could these powers of darkness hold!
Yet with patience He is drinking
Cup of bitter woe, not shrinking.
7 Thy disciples all now leave Thee
All alone in care to stand!
Fleeing then, they let them have Thee
Still to do what they had planned!
And the one in linen robe
Flees before the angry mob,
Naked now, escaping narrow
Fleeing from Thy pain and sorrow.
8 Blessed Jesus, dearest Brother,
Lord of Light, now in the night
Of sin's darkness deepest mother,
Vice's cover, veil of night,
Shall it cover Thee with doom,
From the deepest hellish gloom?
Shall that cruel wolf now slay Thee
And in death's dark grave now lay Thee?
9 O my Jesus, I remember
That I once was darkness' child
And was counted as its member,
With my God unreconciled,
Bound for death eternally
Till Thou came down willingly
For to spare my soul, surrounded,
And in death's deep darkness shrouded.
10 With sweet lips of grace reviving
Thou with kisses hast me blest,
How I rue that I keep striving
For to drive Thee from my breast.
Shame, my tongue, so woefully
When I speak deceitfully
Purge the falsehood of my blurting
With Thy blood and bitter hurting.
11 Would that torch and spear and weapons
All that Thou wert bloodied by
Firmly in my mind were deepened
For they wrote my liberty.
When God's Light on me did shine,
Freeing soul and body mine
From each sin and plague of Satan,
From hell's very wolf and dragon.
12 Art Thou now a captive taken?
I had once a captive been.
But Thy bonds instead have broken
All the chains that bound me then.
I have now been freed by Thee
Bind me fast, alone to Thee;
Save me by Thy willing capture,
Fill my soul with joy and rapture.
Jesus is led bound to the house of Annas and Caiaphas
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 Long has Satan long been spinning
Bonds to wrap 'round Jesus' hands!
Forcefully would sin be pinning
Our dear Lord with hellish bands!
Heaven itself is bound in chains!
God's own Son will suffer pains!
Now a captive He is counted
With disgrace and shame surrounded.
2 See how He were from them slipping
If He went not willingly
Angry hands with cruelty gripping,
Prodding, howling mockingly
Each is full of vengeful harm
Fearing yet for great alarm
As a Lamb, the wolves did catch Him
He must follow where they snatch Him.
3 Annas, scoundrel, was not sleeping,
Wide awake, when they did walk
In his house with Jesus creeping
As a Dove before the hawk
Then to Caiaphas they came
Where they brought more grief and shame;
Power and time for Him was taken,
All with evil hatred waken.
4 Though the sun was still in hiding,
Yet the Sun of righteousness,
Jesus, takes His stand beside them,
While they mock in wickedness,
Now true Light has entered in
Though their minds and hearts are dim,
Questions of His teaching taking,
All the while their jokes still making.
5 If He plainly spoke His doctrine
Even with all gentleness
In return would lies be spoken
Fists be clenched in vengefulness
Slaps upon His face they aim
No remorse and without shame
God must take these strikes and lashes
From a scoundrel, made from ashes.
6 Justice no one here is keeping
All true testimony blocked
Sympathy is soundly sleeping
Doors for mercy all are locked!
Wanton power alone awakes
Satan gladly torches takes
Aged priests look on approving
Hellish beasts, themselves but proving.
7 Now false witnesses are showing
Which of them can lie the best
Wicked ones, in number growing,
Sit in judgement with the rest!
Jesus' face is spit upon
Hidden, smitten, listening on,
As He now should guess who hit Him
Who true justice has o'erridden.
8 Thus is ended this conspir'cy
Sentencing the Lord to die
Never dare He ask for mercy,
Hearing how the dogs do cry;
That He surely death had won,
Since He called Himself God's Son!
What He is, they think is scheming,
So they shout with loud blaspheming.
9 Dear God, teach me that I never
Bind my passions with the bands
Which the wicked unbelievers
Placed upon Thy heavenly hands,
And when Satan comes to me
With his wiles deceitfully,
Come to me in heart and spirit
To recall Thy bonds and merit.
10 If for truth's sake they now take me,
If I'm treated scornfully,
If they still with tongues forsake me,
If they beat me mockingly,
Let me still believing see
All the scorn Thou bor'st for me
Insult, shame, and wicked mock'ry
For my everlasting glory.
11 Even if the whole world hate me
Fitting me with heavy yoke
Show me then Thy work to save me
All Thy suff'ring in Thy book
That with faith I learn to see
How with lies they harassed Thee
Fie, then all who speak with evil
Fie, then all who serve the devil!
12 Though they still with death may threaten
Heaping me with sore disgrace
Let me see, -my soul enlighten-
All the patience on Thy face,
When the judgement came on Thee,
And Thou hadst no way to flee;
So may all Thy pain and sighing
Calm me in my fear of dying.
Peter's Fall
tune: previous tune
1 There's no honour and no highness,
No perfection can there be,
Where the sun with light doth witness,-
That can promise certainty,
There's no office and no call
Which can keep us from sin's fall
There is nothing, oh so holy,
Which can keep us from sin wholly.
2 No one dare in mind be saying
That he never stumble can
For the thoughts his heart are swaying,
Disappointed, sinful man.
All presumption must be banned
Even if today he stand
For tomorrow he may stumble
All unhappy and made humble.
3 Greatest saint must also live in
Adam's flesh and sin's array;
Even highest gifts of heaven
He must bear in mortal clay.
Come and see how Peter fails
Nought his faithful pledge avails
All his promises negating
Into smoke and vapor fading.
4 Jesus stands in great dishonor,
Bound and beaten, spit upon,
Shame and scandal, and no honor
From the wicked powers anon!
Peter soon forgets His need
Fearing his own death indeed;
Leaves the Prince of Life, his Savior,
Promise broken, faith doth waver!
5 By the fire he stands and trembles,
Trying just to keep him warm
But God's lovingkindness crumbles
In his heart and breast and arm.
Questioned by the lowly maid
If he knew the Man betrayed,
Three times he denied to know Him
Even with an oath disowned Him.
6 Soon the rooster crows, announcing
Passing night and coming dawn.
Peter still knows not his sinning
On the path too far he's gone.
Swearing, cursing, oaths he makes
Jesus' friendship he forsakes
Even as he doth disown him,
Jesus casts His eyes upon him.
7 Are you now the rock, dear Peter,
That God's Church is built upon?
How then can you slip and teeter
And in storm not better stand?
No! The Rock is Jesus Christ
And His Word of Paradise.
He stands fast and unconfounded;
On His Word God's Church is founded.
8 There's no sadness and no sorrow
That can hinder Jesus' goal
With Thine eyes a glance must borrow
Of this wretched fallen soul.
How Thy countenance did fall
As Thou knew his heart-thoughts all.
Oh, what guilt on him is sinking
On Thy faithful Word he's thinking.
9 O my Jesus, when I ponder
On the beam within my eye
And my conscience too doth wonder
On the thorns that in me lie!
Then my heart doth speak to me
That I thousand times have Thee
Oft denied so sad and shameful
More than Peter I am blameful.
10 Three times Thy dear friend denied Thee
And his heart, betrayed Thee, Lord.
Many times I've multiplied me
Sins against Thy Law and Word
Never can they numbered be
More than stars and sands of sea;
All my heart and sight and thinking
Must in shame to earth be sinking.
11 All too well for sin I'm yearning
Like a stubborn horse in stride;
Oh, from sin I would be turning,
But I'm bound in sinful pride.
So, Lord, turn Thyself to me
Grant me grace that I may be
By Thy watchful eye e'er guarded
With Thy light of grace rewarded.
12 Peter fell and was uplifted
By the power of Thy grace
O my Jesus, Thou hast lifted
All the weight of my disgrace!
Thou wilt ne'er abandon me
E'er how great my sin may be
Teach me such repentant weeping,
Let Thy Spirit me be keeping.
St. Peter's Weeping and Conversion
tune: previous tune
1 Pouring forth with tears of sadness
Flowing down in hope sincere
Never judged to Satan's gladness,
Here in this sad vale of tears.
Sadly, weeping from my eyes
From sin's debt my spirit flies
For my sinfulness still grieving
Till my heart itself is bleeding.
2 Oh, tonight with guilt I'm given
Threat of hell as my reward
Since by terror I was driven
To deny my God and Lord!
But my Saviour looked at me,
Eyes all filled with sympathy;
Full of mercy, grace, and favor
Was that glance from my dear Savior.
3 Once to hell-fire I was falling
Now I rush with quenching flood
By my God's most gracious calling
And His mighty Spirit good-
Though my eyes with sorrow fill,
Never, never ceasing still
Yet each day that I am living
Still for one night's sin I'm grieving.
4 Once I walked upon the water
And thus to my Jesus came;
Now my sins did all things alter,
Still I call upon His name.
On a salty sea of tears
I shall walk till death me nears
All my joy and all my gladness
Shall be my repentant sadness.
5 Jesus, grant illumination,
On my heart imprint so well
Peter's fall and restoration
That I ever mark them well.
May Thy gracious pardoning Word
Never by my sins be blurred;
May Thy grace be e'er revealing
Full forgiveness, perfect healing.
6 Though I wretchedly am sinning
Such as never seen before,
And though Satan is beginning
Still to tempt me more and more,
I will turn to Christ, my Lord
For His strength and pardoning Word;
E'en when Satan's wiles do test me,
In His grace I gladly rest me.
7 Daily is my spirit striving
In this unclean 'bode of death
Therefore I will e'er be striving
That I may in steadfast faith
Follow Peter's faithful end
Washed, renewed, in faith to stand
That I may my soul be cleansing
In the blood of Jesus rinsing.
8 Jesus, grant me tears and sighing,
Penitence for my disgrace.
Let Thy Spirit, my heart plying
With the mirror of Thy grace,
Grant me comfort for my need,
Since Thou once for me didst bleed.
Let my final tears and mourning
Cease with heaven's joyous morning.
Judas' Despair
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 Sweetest sin, angel of passion
How thy smallest seed doth send
Tender shoots of fairest fashion,
Promising its flowers to send.
But thy fruit is shame and wrath,
Anguish, pain, eternal death,
Bitter heat and burning hell-fire
From God's judgement and His fierce ire.
2 Judas, like a mirror, shows me
Each and every source of sin,
Teaching sinners e'er so closely
How to flee the grasp of sin.
Sin and Satan came to him
His dominion all to win
That he might betray the Saviour
Earning Satan's evil favour.
3 When he saw the Lord then bearing
Shame of sin and guilt of death
Then in anguish he would spare Him
Now his roguish heart regrets.
How his conscience thus did sink
When He took sin's poisoned drink
When his wish with gall was blended
And with death eternal ended.
4 When he sees the silver pieces
Price for which his God he sold
Then his heart its beating ceases,
Every drop of blood turns cold.
Coin and money never may
Help him from his sinful way
Stamp of death his heart is sealing,
Pains of hell he soon is feeling.
5 See, my soul, how quick he yearneth
Favour from the priests to earn
How his conscience sorely burneth
Such blood-money to return.
Casting them on Temple floor,
Rending now his conscience sore
Many poisoned arrows bearing,
As his heart is much despairing.
6 See his wicked tears forth-breaking-
Now at last he understood
What great evil he was making
All against such holy blood.
God's own Son he had betrayed,
Who a captive now was made,
Bound to cross and shameful dying;
Judas with remorse is crying.
7 But his heart so coldly hardened
Though God yet would pardon send
Still he bows himself to Satan,
Unrepentant to the end.
All the joyous streams of heaven
To the ransomed souls e'er given
He so shamefully despises,
And to hellish river rises.
8 Jesus stands before his viewing,
Burdened with the whole world's sins,
Full of woe and shame and ruing
After Judas' bitter kiss
Unrepentant still to greet,
Falling at his Master's feet
Leaving Jesus in His danger,
Judas is to grace a stranger.
9 More yet, he his Lord betrayeth;
To God's grace still "Nay" he saith.
On His blood and wounds he treadeth,
Swiftly runs the way of death;
He rejects His pardoning pain
And His precious bloody stain;
Now a noose he soon is making,
Blood of Christ to judgement taking.
10 Let me never be accounted
With this wretched evil man;
Even if my sins be counted
More than all the ocean sand!
Even if I lie within
Thickest mire of deepest sin
Satan's many arrows bearing
Keep me, Lord, from e'er despairing.
11 If unto Thy throne and glory
With my sin I quickly flee
Then a gracious crown of glory
Must remain intact for me.
Even though by sin I can
Set us all in bond and ban
Still God has us all forgiven,
Still His Son as Saviour given.
12 Is there any sin that's greater
Than that Jesus' precious blood
Were not greater still to dry it
As He once did dry the flood
Which from out His heart broke forth
As He took on Him God's wrath
Since it was with poison rounded
And since Satan Him had wounded.
13 No! My Jesus' grace surpasses
All the sins of earth and more,
All the sinful woe and anguish
Laid upon His purple sore.
Safely anchored in His bay,
All my evil washed away,
In repentance I will drown me
Though sin's fetters once had bound me.
The Potter's Field
tune: previous tune
1 Judas, now remorseful, told them
Of his sinful dread mistake
Of the price for which he sold Him
Full return he now did make.
Shameful hypocrites are they
For God's Son a price to pay
Such blood-money they will never
Use for any church endeavour.
2 Without fear to Judas making
Payment for betrayal done
Wrath upon them they are taking
By the blood of God's own Son.
God's own treasury they faint
With blood-money e'er to taint;
Never yet are they refraining
From themselves with God's blood staining.
3 Then their wicked council pleases
Thus to buy the potter's field
With the money paid for Jesus,
And agreement thus was sealed,
So that strangers too may have
Place to rest in lowly grave;
They may have no place in heaven
Yet on earth they rest are given.
4 O my Jesus, teach me ever
With my heart these depths to sound:
Though all heaven can hold Thee never,
Nor the whole world's widest bound,
With its jewels, gold, and worth,
Yet a simple plot of earth
O'er Thy flesh, O Jesus, setting
Let me never be forgetting.
5 But may I be ever learning
From the lowly potter's field
That this frame which I am wearing
And this body forth to yield
Never shall my boasting be
Earth's adornment over me
Gold and pearls and all that flashes
For I am but dust and ashes.
6 From earth's simple clay and ashes
I, like Adam once, was made.
As my Potter, Lord, Thou fashioned
All my members that Thou gave.
For Thy fingers fashioned me
In all ways so wondrously
So my earthly clay in story
Speaks of Thy almighty glory.
7 Once a stranger, yet God bore me;
Daily I remember well
That my parents all before me
Strangers were in Israel:
But we now a part may share
As God's child and blessed heir
Grafted into Christ by favor
And by Jesus' blood, dear Savior.
8 Every day we still are strangers,
Pilgrims on our journey there;
And we ever walk in dangers,
Pilgrim's clothing we do wear.
And when in the grave we're laid
All our splendour soon doth fade
Thanks, O Jesus, for Thy keeping
By Thy blood our restful sleeping.
9 Now with joy my heart is waking
While I in this body dwell
With each step that I am taking
That I yet may stand so well
In the refuge of my Lord
Fully as His child restored
Safely in His love supernal
I shall rest till life eternal
10 Jesus, grant that by Thy passion
As I wander through this land
I may walk with greatest caution
Thinking always on my end.
Grant me e'er a steadfast faith
When at last I face my death
And on Judgement Day restore me
Into Thy eternal glory.
Jesus in Pilate's Judgement Hall
tune: previous tune
1 Jesus, Judge of every nation,
Under Pilate's judgement came,
Under Jewish condemnation
Full of mockery and shame!
To the heathen judge He came
Who knew not God's Law and name;
To his power Himself to offer
And injustice He will suffer.
2 Hypocrites, you rabble daring,
Enter not the judgement hall
From uncleanness yourselves sparing
Yet it helps you not at all.
For you tread in blasphemy
Murder, lies, and sins many
Soul and heart are deeper sinking,
Evil toward your God now thinking.
3 Thou, who all the earth art shaking,
From whose face the lightning goes
Earthly princes quickly breaking
Like a potsherd that one throws.
As a man of sin, O Christ,
Stricken, smitten, and despised,
Now abused Thou standest taking
As a Lamb, our ransom making.
4 Although Pilate still was never
In his soul so hardened through,
Yet for judgement's honour ever
He now asks for justice true
What the accusation be
That they bring for him to see
In this Captive now before them
Why they wretchedly deplore Him.
5 With their poison lungs, all blameful,
Breathing through a lying mouth
And with serpent tongues, so shameful,
Mocking God and every truth;
What they speak goes on and on
As a wall to build upon,
Yet no fault can they be plying
On the Righteous without lying.
6 Hate and blasphemy and lying
Anything that ever can
From their mouths with hate be flying
All against true God and Man,
That He leads them all astray,
Telling them no tax to pay
And Himself a King He's calling
Which to them is more appalling.
7 Jesus now is asked with venom
Of His kingdom and His crown
But He answers that His kingdom
From eternity is found!
Truth, which they must ever hate,
And the whole world doth berate,
Yet He boldly will declare it,
Although Satan cannot bear it.
8 Even Pilate, all things judging,
Him not guilty must declare,
While they endlessly are bringing
Blasphemy that He must bear;
But by Jewish law they can
Never slay this guiltless Man,
So they must with Him be taking
Accusations of their making.
9 Let the angry mob be making
Lies and slander as they will
Jesus yet no answer making
To their many words of ill;
And their lies are shameless all,
Evident to one and all
So He therefore will be silent
Waiting still for God's own judgement.
10 O Thou precious God and Savior,
O Thou sinless, spotless Lamb,
Evil foes with cruel behaviour
Heap Thee all with scorn and shame
They accuse Thee, tongues a-flail,
With the dragon's wicked tail,
Thou art beaten, scourged, and punished
With betrayal and injustice.
11 Oh, how I must e'er be mournful
That I am so full of sin,
When my enemies all scornful
Seek my wandering soul to win,
With their lies and shame and fear;
But Thou art my Saviour dear,
Taking all my sins upon Thee,
All the shame my sin had brought me.
12 Source of faithfulness, all willing,
Now in Pilate's judgement hall,
All Thy saving work fulfilling,
For Thy silence covers all;
All our sin and evil lust
Which on Thee alone were thrust
All Thou willingly did suffer
Innocent, Thyself to offer.
13 And when death I shall be meeting
In God's judgement I shall know
That Thou art for me still pleading,
All Thy innocence, bestow;
Speak for me, for I have found
Full salvation in Thy wounds
So that after earthly sadness
I may know my God in gladness.
Jesus is Sent to Herod
tune: previous tune
1 Unto Herod Jesus goeth
To the fox a Lamb they send
How the tyrant's hope now groweth
Not because he is His friend.
But because he waits to see
What a miracle might be
Now the moment he is seizing
To fulfil his selfish pleasing.
2 And the Jewish leaders follow ;
All against Him take their stand,
Crying loud with voices hollow,
Accusations all in hand.
What before they could not bring,
Now more boldly they do fling
Lies and tarnished speeches making,
If they can His soul be breaking.
3 With no sign will Jesus cheer him
And no answer will He make
As the deaf who has no hearing
As the mute who cannot speak,
Jesus silent will remain
But our God in heavenly reign
Shall His cause to light be bringing
And from harshest woes Him springing.
4 Jesus sees that truth is failing
Herod never takes it on,
So the earth must now be hailing
Martyred blood of blessed John
So for Jesus it appears
Justice will give way to spears,
Thus He keeps Himself from speaking
Justice with His Father seeking.
5 All the shame and cruel jeering
Scorn and ridicule and blood
Our poor Jesus must be bearing
All for our eternal good.
If now Herod mocks His name
And the soldiers bring Him shame
Thousand times and worse the laughter
Brought by rogues upon the Master.
6 For their wicked entertainment
They do all to bring Him scorn
With a royal purple raiment
They bedeck His wretched form.
Now so far from hope He goes
Wretched man in wicked throes,
Filled with shame of evil making,
Which must now God's heart be breaking.
7 Herod now with Pilate teaming
Former enemies are friends
They give more respect, esteeming,
Than they formerly intend
Mockery at Jesus hurled
As it goes in all the world
Jesus is the Mediator
E'en for wicked king and traitor.
8 When, O Jesus, I do ponder
All Thy suffering and Thy blood
In my heart I truly wonder
On Thy grace and every good
How therein is all my shame
And my evil by Thy name
Covered now before God's viewing,
Me eternal life imbuing.
Barabbas freed, the people want Christ crucified
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 See how Pilate now is seated
On his judgement seat to view
Jesus once again is greeted
Now before His judge anew:
Pilate now will make his claim
That he finds no cause of blame,
That this Man should not be dying;
His accusers must be lying
2 But if only he can please them,
He will have Him punished so
If they once may cruelly treat Him
Then he'd gladly let Him go.
So it often goes on earth:
One regards a person's worth
And true justice soon doth waver,
Greater sinners receive favour.
3 While now Pilate makes his query
From his wife a message hears
Asking that he yet be wary
Nothing more to do a-fears
With the righteous captive here
Who Himself to God is dear
When she dreamed before her waking
Heav'n itself to her was speaking.
4 O ye stone-blind evil foe men
Hardened in your heart and soul
Listen to a heathen woman
Who sees better than you all!
When she sends her husband word
Sent to her by God the Lord
As she slept, she then was hearing
God to her in dream appearing.
5 Poisoned all is every member
In my Jesus' trial aye
Though His innocence should glimmer
Clearer than the light of day!
Nothing, nothing comes to aid,
Justice is by might betrayed
God must silently now bear this
In the bonds of harsh injustice.
6 Pilate still would clear the pathway
And a chance he yet will take
With his paschal custom alway
That he Jesus free can make.
Now Barabbas he will name
Held for murder and great shame,
Rightly he should now be dying
And our Jesus free be flying.
7 Every tongue to this is kindled
With infernal envious glow
Every Jewish youth enkindled
Filled with poison set to flow,
Crying: With this Man away!
Crucify Him straightaway!
Rid us of Him who ne'er pleases
And Barabbas soon release us!
8 Blessed Jesus, Thou art counted
Now among the murdering stock
With such thieves as this accounted
To the Jews a stumbling block
Never thinking that Thou broke
For them Egypt's harshest yoke
With the lamb's blood them to cover
From death's angel passing over.
9 Now will no one e'er be knowing?
Jesus' sore affliction, see!
Shall a murd'rer free be going
Robber, full of thievery,
Who is guilty, full of shame
While God's pure and spotless Lamb
Who in sin was never living,
On the cross His life is giving?
10 O what wondrous mournful sentence!
O God's deepest hidden plan!
How my soul can never bear this
But must bathe in tears and shame,
When I think on Jesus' pain,
Innocent for my good gain,
Nothing for Himself declaring,
While the robber they are sparing.
11 Daily from this I am finding
Heaven's comfort, passing thought,
Which my woeful heart is binding
From my sins and evil thought!
If I am with sin the first
Of all sinners yet the worst
Yet I see my sins all lying
On my Jesus in His dying.
12 Therefore never shall my sinning
With God's judgement me condemn
Jesus now for me is winning
Grace and mercy without end.
Therefore grace I shall receive
And from judgement full reprieve;
Thou didst suffer condemnation,
Innocent for my salvation.
Jesus stricken, smitten, and crowned with thorns
1 Yet will heaven naught be speaking
While our Jesus' goes His way?
Shall their lies be ever breaking
Darkened truth by light of day?
Shall our Jesus, whom we know
Without guilt did ever go
Now be beaten, persecuted?
Shall He now be executed?
2 Heaven now in silence lieth
While they stretch both law and right
And for friendship now He crieth
As they turn the screws so tight!
And the judge doth contemplate
That this trial is for hate
Bringing Jesus burden weary
While true justice still must tarry.
3 He the people is amusing-
To their will they press Him on.
Every cursed eye be musing
Yet to see and look upon
If He now will serve them still
For their memory so ill.
Jesus with the scourge is beaten
With injustice they mistreat Him.
4 Whip and scourge we must remember
Beating Jesus all about
Every tired and weakened member
Till the blood comes streaming out!
Every lash brings deepest woes
To the flesh and bone it goes
As a worm we see Him wringing
And His heart within is stinging.
5 After all this bloody lashing
Which Him covers over all
On His body they are placing
Robe of royal purple pall
With a cloak of honour tied
They may lead Him forth despised;
Glorious God in royal clothing,
They may tread upon with loathing.
6 Now they place a crown of hatred
On the Saviour's sweetest head,
Which from thorns they quickly plaited
(Thorns, the curse of sin's first deed)
Sharp as sword and needle edge
Serpent's fangs, the dreaded pledge,
'Gainst His sacred temple bruising
Forth His precious blood comes oozing.
7 Regal staff doth now await Him,
(With a reed they Him deride)
And a crown of thorns they plait Him
On His head as show of might.
'Round His head there now do flood
Thousand springs of flowing blood;
He is filled with so much sorrow,
That My tongue no words can borrow.
8 Mockingly they kneel before Him,
Slap His bloody cheek anon;
Every scoundrel bows before Him
And with scorn they spit upon!
But their wrath demands much more
Fill Him yet with blood and gore;
All demand to crucify Him,
Nothing else will satisfy them.
9 O my Jesus, how I wonder
That my heart for Thee must bleed,
For my conscience sad doth ponder
How I scourged Thee oft indeed.
And my sins so crude and rash
Hang upon each strike and lash
Every time that Thou art smitten
And with many woes art beaten.
10 Therefore I will now be scourging
Every lust within my blood,
And my soul with tears be purging
By Thy gracious crimson-flood!
Now by grace I cry to Thee,
Precious Jesus, rescue me
I with faith embrace Thee gladly
While Thy wounds Thou suffer sadly.
11 Crown of thorns which ever stings Thee
By my sins was formed around!
My transgressions' wretched fingers,
Twisted this most awful crown!
'Round Thee harshly I did bind
With my evil stubborn mind,
Innocence from Thee now draining
Many streams of blood, Thee staining.
12 Therefore daily I'll be weeding
Thorns and thistles of my sin!
Let Thy wounds o'er me be bleeding
From Thy body pure within.
I will ponder on the thorns
Which Thou for my soul hast borne,
All my sin and Satan treading,
Crush them well while Thou art bleeding.
13 With repentance now I tell Thee
How I scorned Thee with by my hand
Help me once again to quell me
And my sin fore'er to ban.
I am but a broken reed;
Hear me, Jesus in my need.
When I strike Thee without measure,
Cleanse me by Thy gracious pleasure.
14 Every time Thy precious glory
As a fool I cast away
Spare me yet the wretched story
Of eternal shame to pay!
Wash it all in gracious flood
Blot it out with Thy dear blood.
That with all my sins forgiven,
I eternal life am given.
Behold the Man!
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 See how swiftly Pilate stumbles
From the truth to bitterness
Yet he tries with ways so humble
For a little righteousness.
For he leads our Jesus out
Blood still streaming all about
Crowned with thorns and badly beaten
Yet to move the Jews to free Him.
2 Now behold the Man presented
Here before your very eyes.
See the Man your pride resented;
See Him, wretched and despised!
See His heart so full of woe
From His head down to His toe,
Hardly any flesh perceiving-
Who cannot for Him be grieving?
3 See the earth where He doth stumble
How it flows with His dear blood
God's own Son, so weak and humble,
Passing reason, right and good.
Why is He a captive now?
Why must He so lowly bow?
Show me now and tell the story:
Can this be the King of glory?
4 See if any worm can ever
Be unhappy more than He!
See if earth itself can ever
Boast a wondrous Man as He!
See if even hearts of stone
Can ignore His plaintive moan!
See if now His woeful wailing
Does not bring your heart to failing!
5 See the thorns, how sore they break Him!
See the blood from Him doth pour!
See the tears His eyes are making!
See Him beaten deep and sore!
See how full of pain He stands,
Beaten by their wretched hands!
See Him full of pain to crumble!
Pity this poor wretch so humble!
6 See His cheeks so pale are blending
See His deepest heartfelt strife
See Him to the ground, low-bending
See Him struggle for His life,
Holding on as best He can
Though uncertain is His stand!
I'd do all, if it would please Him,
From death's snare I would release Him.
7 No one shows Him any pity
No one here is Jesus' friend
And the people shouted "Guilty"
Calling now for Caesar's hand
Shouting loud that Pilate must
Sentence to their hands entrust
Giving falsely for their reason:
Blasphemy and highest treason.
8 Watch, my soul, beware their lying,
If you any time may know.
Look on Jesus' woeful sighing
See His bitter pain and woe
See how hard on Him they press
There's no form or comeliness
That we know now to receive Him
While death's grip will not relieve Him.
9 All that I now see and witness
Comes from my own bitter root
And the sin-filled grapes that drip this
Dreadful poison in His blood
Drip upon my Jesus, lo,
Cover Him from head to toe
While His lifeblood He is bleeding
Wrathful wine press He is treading.
10 Thee so full of woe I witness
Full of earthly sin and shame
Hammered by God's holy vengeance
O Thou pure, unspotted Lamb.
Pierced and beaten Thou dost bleed,
Bearing every care and need,
All the pains of hell Thou bearest
Which my sinful heart did merit.
11 But, because for me Thou darest,
Such a shameful curse to bear
So, my God, in grace, Thou swearest
I with joy shall see Thee there!
Here I see Thy suffering sore
There I'll praise Thee evermore
By Thy Spirit's gracious guiding
In eternal joy abiding.
Jesus Condemned to be Crucified
tune: previous tune
1 Staff of justice now is broken
Mercy now has grown so cold
Righteousness no one has spoken
Innocence bears cruelty bold.
Lies are clothed in truthful coat
Truth into the ground is trod.
While injustice swift is creeping,
Even stones o'er this are weeping.
2 Right and wrong get equal honour;
Both considered just the same.
Jesus' trial holds no honour,
No true justice, only shame!
And the people shout and jeer
Without shame and without fear;
Justice they have all forsaken;
Jesus to the cross is taken.
3 Never under all of heaven,
All the firmament and sky,
Was there such a judgement given
Never truth made such a lie!
Yet no guilt or blame they show,
That He should His life forego,
To the cross of death they take Him,
Scapegoat for their guilt they make Him.
4 Hear the judgement now and listen:
Jesus is to death condemned!
Hellish snake with joy doth glisten
As God's heart-strings sadly rend.
Now the dreadful woe and need
Now the bitter cross indeed
Now for Him there's no relieving
How His soul with sorrow's grieving.
5 Pilate now himself excusing
Washes hands in water bath
Jesus he is not accusing
So he thinks he's free from wrath.
Yet the guilt of Jesus' blood
Can't be washed in such a flood
His clean hands are empty token;
For God's judgement still is spoken.
6 And the Jews were never frightened
Jesus' death bore them no guilt
Fears of conscience ne'er were heightened
That His blood in pools be spilt.
So for death they shout and call,
Let His vengeance on them fall
And upon their future offspring
For they knew what they were doing.
7 Now with sorrow I am falling
At my precious Jesus' feet.
I repent my sins appalling
For which Jesus death did meet;
I must bear the awful blame
For the harshness of His shame
If I could, I'd bear the torment
Of His wrongful, bitter judgement.
8 O my God, I can't be hiding;
Without number are my sins.
Yet with Thee I'll be abiding
Judgement house and hall within!
All my sins brought Thee distress;
Thee to judgement they do press!
When I see Thy sore oppression,
I see marks of my transgression.
9 Sinful hands of mine naught washes
No excuse I find for me
But I bathe myself in ashes
Weeping, praying heartily:
Dearest Jesus, that Thou wilt
Think not on my sin and guilt;
Blot them out now by Thy dying,
On Thy grace I am relying.
10 Thou art without guilt and sinning
Yet for me to death to go
Even unto death all willing
Faithful, all for me to do.
At God's judgement throne I may
All my refuge in Thee lay
For Thy judgement's my salvation,
Saving me from condemnation.
Jesus is led out from the Judgement Hall to Golgotha and carries his cross
tune: Freu dich sehr
1 Come now, ye who come to follow
Jesus even unto death
Who will take his cross and follow
Come ye, now and follow with!
Come ye, now who sorely weep
Fill your eyes with tears so deep
Let your eyes with tears be flowing
Deep to heart the sorrow going.
2 See the wicked soldiers tearing
Purple garment from His back,
Caring not what pain He's bearing
Ever worse with each attack!
His own clothing they return
That His bloody sores may burn
All His wounded body aching,
And His heart with sorrow breaking.
3 See them Jesus now forth-leading
And His cross upon Him throw
Simon of Cyrene meeting
Who will with His Saviour go.
Though he helps unwillingly
Yet they press him forcefully
That he bear the cross of Jesus
And for them do all that pleases.
4 And the women also follow
Full of pain and misery
And their tears flow forth in sorrow
Weeping sad and bitterly.
Jesus on the way to death
Turns Himself to them and saith
To the women in their weeping
This His Word now for their keeping:
5 Weep not, now ye dear sad women
Weep ye not so hard for me
Soon the victory I am winning
In My kingdom heavenly!
Look upon your own distress
Coming soon you to oppress
Weep now for your own oppression
Caused by your own sad transgression.
7 But when I shall enter heaven,
Then your children everywhere
Great disasters will be given,
And great pain they too shall bear;
See them bear God's awful wrath
Sword and fire and cruel death!
Only barren ones they're sparing
From the pain of loss, despairing.
8 Jesus, grant that I may ever
Follow Thee and closely see
How Thou suffered for me ever
And were filled with misery
How they took the purple cloak
And what fun at Thee they poke
How Thy pain they are increasing
When Thee to the cross they're pressing.
9 Gladly I will lowly bow me
Willingly Thy cross to bear
Help Thee, if they would allow me
In Thy burden yet to share.
If my eyes pour forth a flood
I would weep with tears of blood!
Since Thou on the cross must suffer
For my life the price to offer.
10 Grant me ever to be yearning
Burden of Thy cross to bear
From Thy perfect patience learning
To be falling from Thee ne'er
If my sin may bring to me
Greatest pain and misery
Thou wilt help me in my sighing,
In my need and in my dying.
Christ's Crucifixion, Suffering, and Death
which can be used before the sermon on Good Friday, at Matins as well as at High Mass,
and also for Vespers according to the direction of the Ritual
tune: Freu dich sehr
Verse 15 translated by P. O. Stromme, 1898, alt.
1 Break ye forth, with empty sighing
From the depths within my heart;
Nothing ever was so trying
Piercing through my every part!
For the grief my soul must bear
And my inmost heart must share
Shall be from my eyes e'er flowing
And my tongue be e'er forth showing.
2 People out of every nation,
All the earth's most wretched throng,
Learn ye well sin's condemnation
For God's Son must suffer long!
God and Man for us today
All the debt of sin must pay.
God in flesh for us must suffer
And Himself to death must offer.
3 Unto death they now will lead Him;
Think, my soul, He passes there!
See, how sorely He is bleeding,
How His own cross He must bear!
See what misery He bears
See how pitifully He fares!
See the crown of thorns around Him,
How His blood would nearly drown Him.
4 Ponder on His wounds so painful
Writhing as a worm would be
See His spirit pierced and baneful
How He moans in misery.
Bruised and bleeding from the blows,
Scarcely able, forth He goes
With His cross upon Him lying
On to Golgotha for dying.
5 Ask ye not what He is wearing
All His clothes so bloody be
Now the wrath of God He's bearing
Sacrifice for all is He!
Wicked Serpent strikes His heel
Poison in His heart to spill;
All His veins are throughly rended
For our evil He is sended.
6 Ponder how the cross is dragging
O my soul, remember aye
Proudly they with heads a-wagging,
Clear for Him death's darkest way;
Sharp'ning nails and whetting spear,
For the spotless One draws near,
Who though innocent must bear it,
Who the greatest honour merits.
7 O how mockingly they offer
Bitter drink in front of all
And His weakened heart must suffer
All their evil filled with gall!
Myrrh and vinegar they tip
To His blessed sacred lip
Even in His place of judgement,
Oh, unheard of sin and torment!
8 High upon the cross they lift Him
Pressing hard, they make Him moan,
And with cruelty they outstretch Him,
Arms fatigued down to the bone
Nail Him to the cursed tree,
Thus to break His spirit free,
Wickedly they leave Him hanging,
Thus His suff'ring more prolonging.
9 All His powers have quickly faded
Hard His breath comes more and more
Heavy with His burden weighted
Covered all with many a sore!
Fleshly strength is all but gone
Weakened arms are all undone!
How He bows His head in anguish
And His eyes with blood must languish.
10 No more grace and no more mercies,
No escape, no help in need!
No one for his danger pities,
Though He doth profusely bleed!
No one offers sympathies
True compassion no one sees.
Not a heart with shame is shrinking
Deeper pain in His wounds sinking.
11 Everyone who passes by him,
Stand ye still and mark it well
Come yet closer, now to eye him,
In the whole world, can you tell:
Was there ever such a Man
Under God's most wrathful ban,
Filled with pain and condemnation,
Satan's darts and sin's oblation.
12 High between two vile transgressors
He is raised for sport and shame
Cruelly mocked by His oppressors
This is God's unspotted Lamb!
'Twixt the malefactors see
Lifted on the cursed tree
All my Joy, my Life, my Pleasure,
My Salvation, and my Treasure.
13 Hear Him join in prayer and feeling
To His Father lest He may
In His wrath the door be sealing
Unto grace and life's bright way
For His people Israel
Lest they be condemned to hell.
Still in grace to life He'd lead them
Though with scorn of death they treat Him.
14 On His cross has Pilate written
Splendid title: "King of Jews!"
Envy angry hearts has bitten
All who heritage misuse.
They insist on vengeance grim
Tearing Jesus limb from limb
Though they make Him bloody, gory,
Yet He is the King of Glory.
15 On my heart imprint Thine image,
Blessed Jesus, King of grace,
That life's riches, care, and pleasures
Have no power Thee to efface.
This the superscription be:
Jesus, Crucified for me,
Is my Life, my hope's Foundation,
And my Glory and Salvation.
16 This too added to His burden
As He in such sorrow died
That below His cross He heard them
How they would His clothes divide
How the soldiers sportingly
Sought amusement then to see
Who would gain His coat all seamless
As they make their games all shameless.
17 If I e'er am poor and needy
If the world so scornfully
Takes my clothing for to bleed me
Yet it still is well with me.
I shall never needy stand
When my judgement is at hand;
Then in gladness I shall wear it-
Jesus' righteousness and merit.
18 All the while I watch and worry
As they mock Thee spitefully
And each wicked wretch doth hurry,
Wagging head so gleefully;
But, O Jesus, by Thy pains
On Thy cross of bloody stains
My disgrace and shame do vanish
And my condemnation banish.
19 Now repentant one thief suffers
Throes of death in steadfast faith
Thy compassioned heart now offers
Promise of eternal life.
Free me, Jesus, from my shame
When as Judge, Thou call'st my name
Like the thief in faith now dying,
Grant me grace on Thee relying.
20 Jesus, all this makes me wonder
As I see each drop of blood,
Deep in thought I too must ponder
How Thy mother near Thee stood
By Thy cross she now must see
All Thy pain and misery
How such shame Thy powers spendeth
Sorrow deep her heart now rendeth.
21 Human language cannot borrow
How the sword hath piercéd through
Mary's soul is filled with sorrow,
As she deep in woe doth rue;
How she suffers sorrow's throe
Seeing all the pain and woe
Of her Son and God's Son only
As He hangs near death so lonely.
22 One disciple gives Him answer
He will for His mother care
One sweet drop doth comfort give her
In her anguish, hearing there
How He still doth care for her,
She may trust His promise sure
Jesus, grant in all my sorrow,
I may trust Thee for the morrow.
23 Sun no longer earth doth brighten
Covered all in shades of night.
Darkness strange the world doth frighten
Day itself hath turned to night.
Jesus, sadly cries aloud:
Eli, Eli, O my God!
Why hast Thou so soon forsaken
Thy dear Son by death o'ertaken?
24 My soul's Light and Consolation,
Thou art cursed for my misdeed.
Wash my shame in lamentation
Thy dark suffering hath me freed;
For my Lord's forsakenness
Frees me from death's cruel press
Hell's eternal death I merit,
But for me, my Lord did bear it.
25 Jesus thirsts but ne'er is given
Aught His thirst to satisfy
Vinegar is all they give Him
As He tastes it, hear Him cry:
It is finished, all indeed
That the Scripture hath decreed,
All that Adam lost by sinning,
By this drink again I'm winning.
26 As the drops of blood are drying
As His heart doth beating cease
Jesus unto heav'n is crying
Through death's bitter stormy seas:
Father, in My dying end
Soul and spirit I commend
In Thy hands, and thus He dying
Bows His head, God satisfying.
27 Jesus dies and earth is trembling,
O my heart, learn righteous fear
Die then, all my wicked grumbling!
Die and get thee far from here!
God and Man has died for me
Since my Adam ate the tree
Bringing all men condemnation
But now Christ has won salvation.
28 Jesus, I Thy death am grieving
For I caused Thy passion deep
Yet Thy death is my relieving
Even when in death I sleep.
For Thy death my life doth make
Though I oft Thy heart did break
Still in grace Thy love doth brace me
Sweetly unto life shall raise me.
29 O my Jesus, in my dying,
Grant that it may ever be
That I speak Thy words and sighing
Which Thou spoke upon the tree.
Bow Thy head in grace to me
When in sweat of death I be;
Kiss my soul, sweet grace imparting,
Even in my last departing.
After the Sermon
On the Seven Words Jesus Spoke on the Cross
tune: Jesu søde Hukommelse
1 Come under Jesus' cross to stand,
O dearest soul, and now attend,
Hear Jesus' final words so sweet,
As He His final hour doth meet.
2 Upon the cross my Jesus lay
Despite the dragon's devious way,
The voice of grace resounded clear
With life and comfort us to cheer.
3 First for His enemies He says:
Father, forgive them in Thy grace
They know not what they do today,
So blind are they to sin's dark way.
4 O Jesus, also pray for me
Thou seest how weak and frail I be
In all my ways my whole life long
But by Thy prayer I am made strong.
5 He looked upon His mother dear
All filled with sorrow, pain, and fear,
Pierced through, her very soul and life
With murder's sword and killing knife.
6 He gave to her another son
To soothe and comfort all her pain.
John, take her as thine own for me;
Henceforth thy mother now to be.
7 O Jesus, when I too am lost,
Forsaken, burdened by a cross,
Friendless, surrounded all by sin,
Send faithful friends to take me in.
8 The thief repented of his sin
And turned to Christ to take him in
Christ broke for him death's cruel ties:
Today you enter Paradise.
9 Let me then in my final hour
Receive from Jesus comfort's power
O daily let me mend my ways
And make me heaven's child always.
10 How horrible the fourth sad word!
Such grief hath heaven never heard:
My God, My God, oh why hast Thou
Forsaken Me, so needy now?
11 'Twas for my sin Thou suffered all,
And God's fierce wrath on Thee did fall.
That I forsaken ne'er shall be
When death's dark shadow falls on me.
12 God's anger with its burning flame
Consumed the vigor of His frame!
"I thirst," he said, and then received
The vinegar which sorely grieved.
13 With taste so bitter yet He saith:
Now "It is finished" with His death
All that the Scriptures testified
Is now complete when He has died.
14 So willingly Thou takest in
The sour and bitter taste of sin!
From Adam's sin I drank in first,
But Thou drank poison in Thy thirst.
15 Therefore I thirst deep in my heart
That Thou to me wouldst yet impart
Not bitter drink, but waters pure,
Which flow from Thee forevermore.
16 His final words then Jesus spoke
All filled with certainty and hope:
"Father, into Thy precious hand
My soul and spirit I commend."
17 These words the words my heart must find
Impressed upon my soul and mind;
These words may I repeat with mirth
At last when I depart this earth.
A General Passion Hymn
tune: Durch Adams Fall
Translated by G. T. Rygh, 1908
1 Thy love, O gracious Lord and God,
All other loves excelling,
Attunes my heart to sweet accord,
And passes power of telling;
For when Thy wondrous love I see,
My heart yields glad submission;
I love Thee for Thy love to me
In my poor, lost condition.
2 Yea, Thou hast loved our fallen race,
And rather than condemn us,
Cast out and banish from Thy face,
Thine only Son didst send us;
Who died upon the cross, that we
Should all be saved forever;
Hence Jesus also died for me,
My soul, forget it never.
3 Thy love, O God, embraces all,
And Jesus' merits cover
The guilt of all, both great and small,
The world of sinners over.
Thy Spirit doth Thy light afford
To all who will receive it,
And from Thy knowledge bars Thy word
No soul who will believe it.
4 But what hath moved Thee, gracious Lord?
Why is Thine heart still yearning,
Since the great world rejects Thy word,
Thy love and mercy spurning?
For men go on in sin each day
In carnal-minded blindness
And O how few Thy call obey,
And heed Thy lovingkindness!
5 In us no beauty Thou couldst see,
And no intrinsic merit;
We all were poor-but misery
And sin we did inherit.
We wandered each a different path,
And in our lost condition,
By nature children of His wrath,
Whom sin doomed to perdition.
6 Our virtues and our own good deeds
With God cannot avail us;
With these the enemy misleads,
Such righteousness shall fail us;
Our will and strength and soul are dead
In evil inclination;
Christ Jesus has the ransom paid,
And gained for us salvation.
7 O gracious God, Thy loving heart
Was full of sweet compassion;
And felt our woe and desperate smart,
And planned our restoration;
Thy grace and justice found a way
To save us from death's horror;
And everlasting judgement stay,
And give us joy for sorrow.
8 On Christ, the rock, I'm anchored fast,
By faith in Him remaining;
I'll weather every stormy blast,
My peace of soul retaining;
On Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
My ever firm foundation,
Until the harbor bar is crossed,
And I see God's salvation.
9 O Jesus, at my dying breath
Hold Thou my hand securely,
And may I in a living faith
Holy fast to Thee most surely;
That my last prayer to Thee may rise,
My soul to Thee commending,
And I shall find in Paradise
The joys of life unending.
Another General Passion Hymn
tune: Ich ruf zu dir
1 Redeemer of the world, O Christ,
Thou Prince of Life enchanting,
Like as the deer for waters thirsts
My soul for Thee is panting.
O Thou, the Father's only Son
Descended down from heaven
By love driven
To rescue Adam's own
That Satan might be overthrown.
2 Since I and all mankind once were
Cast deep into death's yawning
By Adam's sin in danger were
And Satan's cruel dawning
In fulness of the time Thou came
And born of Virgin Mary
For to bury
Our death and all our blame
And Satan's might to put to shame.
3 Thy Father's wrath and fearful ban
Naught else could e'er extinguish
Except for Thee, true God and Man;
Our deed Thou didst accomplish
And for us hardship to endure
Thyself to death now giving
And be living,
A bloody offering for
The whole world's sin Thou dost outpour.
4 Thy precious blood atonement sends
The sin of all men sharing
For sin Thou makest full amends
Eternal death us sparing
Lest we remain impenitent
In sin rejecting Thy name
To our deep blame
And lose our home in heaven,
To blasphemy and sin e'er giv'n.
5 No longer earth doth pleasure me
Nor riches me are taking
Nor power nor height that I may see
At all my pleasure making
Compared to Jesus' mercy free
His precious cross and sighing
And His dying;
The world doth weary me
Gladly in heav'n I now would be.
6 And if my sins still more may be
Than sands upon the seashore
If Satan my affliction see
And every day tempt me more
In faith I trod him to the ground;
With Jesus' precious merit
I may bear it
In Him I grace have found
Which has no measure and no bound.
7 And shall I under God's good will
Still more than others carry
My burden of both pain and ill,
A cross to make me weary;
Thou for my soul true good dost earn,
For Thou my cross art bearing,
My stripes wearing,
That patience I may learn
And ever more for heaven yearn.
8 If I'm oppressed by many foes
And persecuted for Thee
Receiving many powerful blows
Yet it shall be my glory
So let them with their might and fear
Now persecute and slay me
Willing shall be
My heart when now appear
Before my eyes Thy pains severe.
9 When weakness over me doth flow
When sickness, pain, and sorrow
Shall grip me all from head to toe
Deep in my bone and marrow
Then comfort me with Thy dear power
To which my soul is cleaving
And receiving
Thy blood, a precious shower
To soothe my wounds in every hour.
10 And when at last in death I sleep
My eyes at last be resting
Then nothing in my final sleep
Shall me from faith be wresting
For by Thy death I bold may be
And on Thy faith relying
In my dying;
Then take my soul to Thee,
Thee I will praise eternally.

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