Volumes I-VII.

Published by the Association Pittsburgh, Pa., 1906.

Copyright, 1906,


The Lutheran Liturgical Association.


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I 1 The Fundamental Principles of Christian Worship (J. C. F. Rupp)

I 9 Our Distinctive Worship—The Common Service and Other Liturgies, Ancient and Modern (L. D. Reed)

I 19 The Significance of Liturgical Reform (E. T. Horn)

I 41 The Sources of the Morning Service of the Common Service (R. M. Smith)

II 1 The Architecture of the Chancel (E. F. Krauss)

II 7 The Significance of the Altar (W. E. Schramm)

II 15 The Swedish Liturgies (N. Forsander)

II 29 Altar Linen (L. D. Reed)

II 35 The Sources of the Minor Services (R. M. Smith)

II 57 The History of the Liturgy of the Lutheran Church in Denmark (E. Belfour)

II 75 Thematic Harmony of Introit, Collect, Epistle, and Gospel (D. H. Geissinger)

II 83 Art in Worship (J. F. Ohl)

III 1 The Administration of the Lord’s Supper in Different Ages of the Church (G. S. Seaman)

III 9 The Liturgical History of Confirmation (C. T. Benze)

III 19 The Church and the Liturgy (C. M. Jacobs)

III 35 The Church Prayer (C. A. Miller)

III 47 The Value of Liturgical Study for Organists (G. C. Rees)

III 59 A General Survey of the Book of Common Prayer (S. A. Bridges Stopp)

III 75 Means of Liturgical Reform (T. W. Kretschmann)

III 81 Liturgical Education of the Church’s Youth (R. E. McDaniel)

III 89 The Sacrificial Idea in Christian Worship (G. F. Spieker)

III 101 The Place of Liturgy in the Church’s Thought, Life and Art (J. A. W. Haas)

III 113 The Liturgical History of Baptism (H. S. Gilbert)

IV 1 The Liturgical Influence of the Lesser Reformers (C. T. Benze)

IV 17 The Ecclesiastical Calendar (N. R. Melhorn)

IV 29 Luther’s Liturgical Writings (E. A. Trabert)

IV 47 The Pericopes (A. Spaeth)

IV 63 Liturgical Development in the Period of the Reformation (E. T. Horn)

IV 67 The Liturgical Deterioration of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (J. F. Ohl)

IV 79 Liturgy and Doctrine (D. H. Geissinger)

IV 85 Early American Lutheran Liturgies (D. M. Kemerer)

IV 95 The Liturgy of the Icelandic Church (F. J. Bergmann)

V 1 The Liturgical Influence of Gregory the Great (A. L. Ramer)

V 9 The Function of the Minister in Divine Worship (E. F. Krauss)

V 21 A Laity Liturgically Well-Informed (A. B. Markley)

V 31 The Significance of Symbolism and Its Employment in the Service of the Church (G. J. Gongaware)

V 41 The Collects (S. A Bridges Stopp)

V 53 The Fundamental Principles of Divine Service (G. W. Mechling)

V 69 Regulations and Customs Pertaining to the Use of the Sacraments (I. M. Wallace)

V 85 Liturgical Accuracy and Spirituality (H. D. Spaeth)

VI 1 Contributive Influences Noted in the History and Structure of the Liturgy (W. A. Lambert)

VI 17 Remarks on Some of Our Liturgical Classics (E. T. Horn)

VI 23 Preaching and the Day (P. Z. Strodach)

VI 41 Christian Worship in the Apostolic Age (C. M. Jacobs)

VI 65 The Liturgical History of Confession and Absolution

VI 77 The Sacramental Idea in Christian Worship (A. Spaeth)

VI 89 Paraments of the Lord’s House (G. U. Wenner)

VII 1 Liturgical Colors (P. Z. Strodach)

VII 19 Consecration (G. U. Wenner)

VII 27 The Liturgical Use of the Creeds (J. W. Horine)

VII 35 The Liturgy of the Norwegian Lutheran Church (E. K. Johnsen)

VII 49 Christian Worship in the First Post-Apostolic Age (C. M. Jacobs)

VII 75 The Application of Lutheran Principles of the Church Building (E. T. Horn)

VII 121 The Bidding Prayer, Litany, and Suffrages (C. K. Fegley)

VII 159 The Use of Stained Glass in Ecclesiastical Architecture (E. F. Krauss)

VII 169 Sacred Monograms—The Charisma and the Holy Name (E. F. Krever)