Bethany is more than a good value;
it’s an investment in your child’s future.

Affordable Tuition    •    Financial Aid    •    Career Ready
Bethany is top ranked for social mobility in Minnesota while remaining among the lowest cost of all residential colleges in the state.
Social mobility is the ability to climb the social ladder. Our students get where they want to go when they start at Bethany … and they aren’t shackled with unmanageable debt when they leave to start careers and families.
Let us help you make a great investment. 

The Stakes are High

We’ve all heard the stories of sky high tuition, unmanageable student loans, and worthless degrees.

  • Students who overpaid for a degree...or missed a great college experience because they sacrificed programs for affordability.
  • Graduates who were shackled to a burden of loans that affected them for the rest of their lives.
  • Large college investments that didn't pay off with job opportunities upon graduation.

At Bethany Lutheran College, we believe an excellent education and an amazing college experience should be affordable.

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How to Make a Great Investment

Start with Reasonable Tuition

As a mission-based institution, our goal isn’t to make money. Bethany is among the lowest cost of residential colleges in Minnesota. 

Qualify for Financial Aid

98% of our students receive financial aid, which brings the average cost of tuition to just $17,700/year.

Be Career Ready at Graduation

Bethany’s students graduate career-ready. 85% of Bethany graduates are employed within six months, and 89% are admitted to their first choice of graduate school. 

The Proof is our Students

With attainable tuition and financial aid, students are not only able to afford college, they are set up for lives of success.
Click below to read how Bethany prepared these alumni to achieve their goals.

Start a great story by investing in a college that values your child.

“When I started in the Mayo PT program, I remember distinctly thinking, ‘This is what Bethany prepared me for, being a witness of my faith in a new setting and pursuing a career that uses my God-given talents.’”

-Heather Carmichael (’14)
Doctorate of Physical Therapy – Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences’ Program

Bethany is here to help.

As you help your child make one of the biggest financial decisions of life, you should be confident in their college investment.

Next Steps

Interested in studying at Bethany? Scheduling a campus visit is a great way to see what we have to offer. You can meet professors or sit in on a class too! Contact our admissions office to learn more.