My Leadership.

The job market is huge in this area – business, communications, legal studies, history, English. How do I know that I’ll get the greatest return on my effort?

Speak. Write. Influence.

Whether a family matter or workplace issue, everyone values an ethical lawyer. Bethany students distinctively “learn the law and live the faith” from the foundation of the Lord’s perfect law and saving Gospel.

This solid foundation results in elevated opportunities for impact. Megan, a BLC alum, was a finalist in the national Law School Student of the Year competition. Kathy, another Bethany grad, offers appeals for death row inmates in Texas.

“Bethany was instrumental in helping me gain valuable experience and land a job at a big network right out of college”
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Did you know Bethany is ranked among the Safest Small Colleges in America?

“Bethany’s classes and internship opportunities are experiences that prepared me for my entry into law school”
Miles Kelson
Business Administration Major
Associate Attorney at Meagher & Geer,
PLLP in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Warren E. Burger, 15th Chief Justice of the USA and grandfather of Bethany Prof. Sara Edwards, regularly reminded students of the big things that can result by starting at a small school law program. In his words: “You can get there from here.”

“Professors have real experience in the field and connect me with their network. I feel like they really know how my skills will fit uniquely into the vast marketplace.”

Expression in written form emerges in Bethany’s scholarship in journalism, competition in speech, and focus within the English major. Expression assumes an international vibe through a Spanish minor and extensive study abroad opportunities.

“My job requires a lot of digging, and Bethany prepared me for that amount of researching, especially the communications program.”