My Medical Career.

My Medical Career.

Looking for a Nursing Program that won’t hold you back financially? We’ve got you covered.

Academic Programs

With a focus on personal attention during the first four years of college and preparation for top graduate programs, Bethany develops students for a full variety of medical careers.
Nursing students practice their bedside patient skills under supervision of a professor in the nursing lab

With Rochester’s Mayo Clinic’s large satellite branch adjacent to Bethany’s Mankato campus, the Nursing and Exercise Science programs take on a special vibrancy.

“When one studies the intricacies of the body, you can only conclude that we have a great designer and creator, and Bethany professors seek to help you understand this in classroom discussions.”
Dan Stark (‘12) Exercise Science Major
Doctor of Physical Therapy & Certified Strength
and Conditioning Specialist at Twin Cities
Orthopedics in Woodbury, Minnesota

The Biology, Biochemistry, Psychology and Chemistry majors remain the most significant pathway to a full medical degree or work in Pharma, Counseling, Chiropractic, or Veterinarian fields.

“I want to use my commitment to microbiology to improve the lives of patients.”
Katherine Caflisch
PhD student
at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School
of Biomedical Sciences in Rochester, Minnesota
Two students talking in a classroom.

The Health Communication major provides students immediate access to the health field through management, systems, and leadership development.

“When I started in the Mayo PT program, I remember distinctly thinking: this is what Bethany prepared me for—being a witness of my faith in a new setting, and pursuing a career that uses my God-given talents.”
Heather Carmichael (‘14) Biology Major
Graduated May 2018 from the Mayo Clinic School of Health
Sciences' Program in Physical Therapy with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy
and currently a traveling Physical Therapist.