Class of 2007

Amanda Rose (2007)

Amanda Rose (’07)

After graduating from Bethany in 2007, Amanda went on to earn her Master’s degree in Music Composition and Technology from the University of Wisconsin (Peck School of the Arts). At Peck school of the arts, she earned the Chancellor’s award and a professor’s assistant position. As a professor’s assistant she taught music theory to UWM…

Seth Hueckman (2007)

Seth Hueckman (’07)

After completing our program and earning degrees from Bethany and the University of Minnesota, Seth works at Barr Engineering Company, a consulting firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. WHAT YOU DO • • • I work for a consulting firm that provides a wide range of engineering services for a variety of clients. I have spent the…

Jonathan Hartwig (2007)

Jonathan Hartwig (’07)

Jonathan is the founder and principal owner of BLUEORANGE Media, an e-commerce media firm based out of Austin, Texas. WHAT YOU DO • • • Owning a business brings with it a hodgepodge of responsibilities. No two days are the same. Some days are dedicated to business development and finding that next project, whether that’s…

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