Mathematics Minor

Anna Cepek (2012)

Anna Cepek (’12)

Anna, a 2012 Bethany graduate, recently completed her PhD in mathematics from Montana State University and is headed to South Korea for a post-doc fellowship where she will continue to pursue advanced work in configuration spaces of manifolds WHAT YOU DO • • • As a teacher’s assistant, I teach one class a semester. As…

Angela Kraft (2012)

Angela Kraft (’12)

While at Bethany, Angela was involved in two different Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) during summer breaks. She also presented research at several conferences including Pi Mu Epsilon, Young Mathematician’s Conference, and the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM). After graduating in December of 2012, Angela attended the prestigious international Math in Moscow program for international undergraduate…

Craig Rossiter (2012)

Craig Rossiter (’12)

Craig Rossiter, a 2012 Bethany graduate, went to graduate school for a Master’s in Actuarial Science and is now working in the actuarial field for American Family Insurance. He has already successfully passed 5 of the 10 actuarial exams. WHAT YOU DO • • • I am an Actuarial Senior Analyst with American Family Insurance.  I…

Mathematics student Tova Brown in front of a chalkboard displaying equations.

Tova Brown (’10)

Tova Brown, a 2010 Bethany graduate, was awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation and completed her PhD in analysis in the mathematics department at the University of Arizona. After spending time living in France, she is now a member of the mathematics faculty at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Brown majored in both…

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