The Lone Ranger Radio Plays

During the Spring 2020 semester, classes were moved online due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time, three theatre classes: Directing I, Vocal Interpretation, and Sound Design collaborated to produce episodes of the original 1940s episodes of The Lone Ranger from their homes via Zoom. Their performances were recorded and designed during the last week of the semester and are here for your enjoyment.

Episode 1: Pilot

Director: Kate Nusbaum
Sound Designer: AJ Mildebrandt
Cast: Erin Kelly, Lee Schauer, Audrey Rundgren, Kate Nusbaum

Episode 2: The Bad Man’s Revenge

Director: Erin Kelly
Sound Designer: Hailey Dick
Cast: Aaron Stuve, Daylin Paulson, Danica Dick, Erin Kelly

Episode 3: Footlights on the Frontier

Director: Lee Schauer
Sound Designer: Hans Bloedel
Cast: Danica Dick, Zay Koepsell, Erin Kelly, Lee Schauer

Episode 4: Fear

Director: Aaron Stuve
Sound Designer: Daylin Paulson
Cast: Mizha Overn, Kate Nusbaum, Audrey Rundgren, Aaron Stuve

Episode 5: The Origin of the Lone Ranger

Director: Audrey Rundgren
Sound Designer: Beret Ouren
Cast: Aaron Stuve, Daylin Paulson, Zay Koepsell, Audrey Rundgren

Episode 6: The Return of Butch Cavendish

Director: Daylin Paulson
Sound Designer: Aaron Stuve
Cast: Noah Gernander, Danica Dick, Peter Estram, Jr. Daylin Paulson

Episode 6: The Return of Butch Cavendish (Original Audio)
Episode 6: The Return of Butch Cavendish (Vintage Audio)
Episode 7: The Telltail Bullet

Director: Annaliese Emmons
Sound Designer: Ashley Ward
Cast: Audrey Rundgren, Danica Dick, Halle Blais, Annaliese Emmons

Episode 8: The Missing Heir

Director: Ashley Ward
Sound Designer: Gwen Ward
Cast: Hailey Dick, Halle Blais, Mizha Overn, Ashley Ward

Episode 9: Trouble at Rafter H

Director: Natania Emmons
Sound Designer: Danica Dick
Cast: Lee Schauer, Joe Roemhildt, Mizha Overn, Natania Emmons