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Your Child.

Bethany Lutheran College supports your child with its mission of personal mentorship.

Dropping your child off at college is a huge moment for any parent.

As a parent, you’ve been thinking about this moment since you dropped your child off at preschool for the first time, and now it’s here: college.

  • Is she ready?
  • Will he make good choices?
  • Who will watch out for her like I did?
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College is a time of transition for students.
It’s Bethany’s pledge to support them during their journey to adulthood.

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Bethany's Pledge to Students

“Bethany Lutheran College pledges to offer each student the comfort of the Gospel, the true knowledge of our world as revealed in Scripture and reflected in nature, and a personal mentoring relationship in higher education as preparation for a life of purpose and meaning.”

Small College. Big Support.

As a small, private college, Bethany is able to provide outstanding support during the college years.


Personal mentorship is our mission, our purpose, our vision, and our pledge. Put simply, we exist to not only teach, but mentor your child.

Read Bethany’s mission,
vision, and values here.

Safe City.
Safe Campus. 

Bethany Lutheran College is ranked in the Top 20 of “Safest Small Colleges” in the United States. Near the Twin Cities, BLC has plenty to do and see, yet is tucked away in the small, friendly city of Mankato, Minnesota.

24/7 Support
for Your Family

Bethany supports your child and family during the decision-making process, the transition to college, and throughout the college years with regular communication and on-campus support.

Bethany Lutheran College is ranked in the
Top 20 of Safest Small Colleges in the United States.

Bethany. Values. Me.

“Being a Christian at a large state university can be challenging, but the academic and spiritual foundations I built at Bethany prepared me more than I realized. Any success that I’ve had after Bethany can and should be credited to the incredible faculty who took the time and energy to work with me while I was there, encourage my faith, and prepare me for life post graduation.”

“I have remained in contact with many of my professors who genuinely care about my life after Bethany. I wouldn’t have had the same college experience without such an incredible group of people by my side”

Bethany is here to help.

Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions your child will make. Connect to a Bethany Admissions Counselor today.
We’re here to help.

Next Steps

Interested in studying at Bethany? Scheduling a campus visit is a great way to see what we have to offer. You can meet professors or sit in on a class too! Contact our admissions office to learn more.